Nursing Home Abuse Caught on Tape

Our Chicago nursing home neglect attorneys know that one of the key challenges to improving the care given to local residents is working to break the silence about resident mistreatment. Many more instances of nursing home abuse and neglect occur each day than are ever reported. There are many reasons for this, the most common being that the resident-victims of this conduct are often unable to understand the quality of care to which they are entitled. In that way they remain incredibly vulnerable community members who need to be protected at all costs.

One of the ways in which concerned advocates are attempting to provide more supervision of residents is through the use of video cameras. Technology improvements allow care to be monitored remotely. The footage that has already been caught on tape at various facilities is enough to shock most observers. For example, Global Saskatoon News reported this week on a startling case of nursing home abuse caught on tape at a long-term care facility.

A woman placed a hidden camera in her 68-year old boyfriend’s room at the facility. The couple has been dating for 20 years, but they never officially married. The woman first became suspicious when the man began visiting her with strange cuts and bruises on his body. She suspected that the man was being mistreated and wanted proof.

After installing the cameras she likely got the proof that she was seeking. In one shocking scene the elderly man is struggling as he walks unsteadily across his room. A caretaker was watching the man walk from the doorway while shouting, “Fall, fall, hurt yourself. Then you’ll go to the hospital. I’m fed up with you.”

Besides the bizarre psychological abuse, the woman also claims that her boyfriend was given the wrong medication by the facility. The man has been diagnosed with dementia, but he was given medication to treat epileptic seizures. It is unclear why he was provided the drug, especially since it has the damaging side effects of decreased mobility and balance.

On top of all that, an alarm system installed to alert caregivers of the man’s need for help was not properly working. The alarm is supposed to beep when he gets up so that he can receive aid walking across his room. However, the system is failed to work, and so the victim was forced to walk alone. He has suffered several falls as a result.

Following her capture of the abuse, the woman initiated a nursing home lawsuit against the facility for their poor care. Our Illinois nursing home neglect attorneys know that many of the worst nursing homes are reluctant to improve the care they provide unless money is on the line. That is why nursing home lawsuits have important ramifications for both the victim of a particular case as well as all residents of the negligent facility.

The civil justice system allows those harmed by the negligence of others to seek recourse for their losses. In the nursing home context, it is well established that caregivers have a duty to provide reasonable aid to residents. They have breached that duty when they do not provide appropriate assistance. If that breach causes the resident any form of injury, then the victim has established a case for negligence making them capable of recovery.

We urge all those who suspect that a loved one has been harmed in this way to get in touch with our experienced lawyers and share your story.

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