Nursing Home Abuse Caught on Hidden Camera

Another egregious example of nursing home abuse was caught on a hidden video camera. Monitoring the treatment of loved ones at these facilities via camera is becoming a more common occurrence. Last week we reported on the nursing home neglect lawsuit that was filed by a family after mistreatment was discovered on hidden camera. This latest case is strikingly similar.

WKYC News reports that a man became frustrated that his concerns about his mother being abused were not taken seriously by the facility in which she lived. He explains: the employees of the nursing home “said I was taking things out of context and taking it too far. They made me out to be the troublemaker, the complainer, the bad guy…The administrator at one point told me accidents happen and mistakes are made.”

Taking matters into his own hands, in April the man installed a video camera in the room of his 78-year old mother who suffers from Alzheimers. The footage revealed a string of mistreatment by several care workers. One nurse physically hit the elderly senior in the face, violently threw the woman into her bed and wheelchair, and shoved the victim’s face into the wall. Other footage shows a continuing series of ill-treatment. At one point a different nurse hit the woman again while a co-worker looked on without doing anything.

Two nurses have subsequently been fired because of their conduct. One of them has already been charged with criminal felony assault. Amazingly the man had put up a sign in the room warning that he had installed a camera in the room. Yet, the abuse continued even with these clear warning.

Unfortunately, our Illinois nursing home attorneys know that similar abuse occurs at homes in our area each day. This case represents just one victim at one facility. It is likely that other residents in this home were abused by the negligent employees. In most cases, residents are harmed without anyone noticing or stopping the treatment. It is the responsibility of everyone in the community to do their part to put an end to these tragic practices.

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