Nursing Home Abuse and Theft Reports Lead to Facility Closure

Far too often the worst-performing facilities that are the sight of rampant nursing home abuse and neglect are allowed to continue operating even after problems are found. In our area an experienced Illinois nursing home neglect lawyer would be able to explain how it is the same facilities and operators who again and again are found to be responsible for abuse and neglect that severely injures and kills area seniors. While it is possible for all facilities to have temporary lapses in care, it is unacceptable for many residents to face dangerous care again and again without public regulators stepping in. It is important for the most dangerous locations to be shut down before more problems are allowed to occur.

The infrequency of a nursing home closing makes the latest news reported in the Las Vegas Sun particularly encouraging. The paper reported late last week on the closing of an assisted living facility after widespread reports of nursing home abuse and theft. Investigations into the facility revealed that many Social Security checks and other personal funds were being deposited in the accounts of caregivers. Besides the outright embezzlement of certain funds, the caregivers stole money in other ways as well. For example, some employees helped residents by going to the grocery store to purchase necessary items for them. However, some of those workers would take more money that was necessary for the groceries and fail to return the extra.

On top of that, there was physical abuse alleged to have occurred at the home. In one instance an elderly woman apparently got into a shouting match with the home’s manager. The senior was then dragged down the hallways by her ankles as she was kicking and screaming. That incident was just one of many others where abuse was claimed.

In total the home had been fined repeatedly over the last several years by state officials. However, considering that problems were repeatedly found, the fines and sanctions were not enough to turn things around at the facility. Officials explained that the complete suspension of services was necessary as chronic and repeated regulation non-compliance risked the safety of the residents. Those at the home were removed and placed in other facilities last week where they will hopefully receive that level of care to which they deserve.

Systematic problems at certain assisted-living facilities are something about which our Illinois nursing home lawyers know well. Throughout our decades of experience the attorneys at our firm have worked with many residents who come from the very same facilities and have experienced repeated problems with their care. From allowing pressure sores to develop and committing medication errors to maintaining unsafe conditions which allow dangerous nursing home falls, the lives of seniors in these facilities are risked each day by negligent care. All efforts must be made to put an end to this mistreatment, even if that means closing down the worst facilities completely. The particular vulnerabilities of each residents means that there is simply no room for error when it comes to the health and well-being of these community members.

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