Nursing Homes Can Help Residents Cope During COVID-19 Lockdown

The quick spread of coronavirus and strict isolation measures overtaking U.S. nursing homes has created a stressful time for not only nursing home care staff but all nursing home residents. Many of these residents are battling health conditions, living away from family, and now restricted from visitors and isolated in their rooms, or have been moved into different areas of the facility where they can no longer socialize with others. An individuals’ moral, as well as the types of mental health care resources available in nursing homes, are important considerations to take seriously during these ongoing disruptions.

In the midst of the pandemic, McKnight’s Long-Term Care News performed a survey requesting feedback from nursing home administrators and nursing directors on how they are working to “keep spirits up” during the lockdown and what types of extra attention directed toward residents is being provided.

  • Many have increased the number of activities professionals on duty.
  • More face-to-face time within safe distances to residents isolated in their rooms.
  • Activities staff are wandering hallways playing musical instruments and board games, helping conduct hallway bingo, and leading card-writing campaigns to loved ones and staff members.
  • Providing safe helpers into resident rooms to help facilitate family communication through FaceTime, Skype, or calls was No. 1 on the list.
  • Making crafts like “paper airplanes and flying them down each hallway (so everybody could see them) was popular, while music streamed throughout common areas and into rooms also was mentioned.”
  • Conducting exercise regimens with the help of headphones given to residents.
  • Trivia contests for both residents and staff were mentioned numerous times.

The McKnight’s survey revealed that “Making it possible to see visitors through windows, of course, was among the most uplifting. This would include family members, of course, but also animal visitors such as a kangaroo, dogs or cats.”

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What should nursing home administration be doing to prevent and control COVID-19?

What should nursing home administration be doing to prevent and control COVID-19? They should be completing a special assessment developed by the federal government to determine if the facility’s infection control plan and protections are adequate to address the COVID-19 . They should be communicating frequently with local and state departments of health emergency management and the CDC to share facility conditions, obtaining the most up to date information and resources, and asking for help where needed. Also, they should put a plan in place for frequent communication with residents and families about facility conditions and individual resident updates.

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