Nursing Home Staff Charged for Allowing Patient to Die from Bed Sores

“This case goes to the heart of protecting the unprotected. Evidence shows these nurses forced the victims to endure awful mistreatment and then lied about it.”

-Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost


7 employees from a Columbus nursing home have been indicted in Ohio on criminal charges of involuntary manslaughter and patient neglect after failing to provide interventions to help prevent and treat bedsores that led to one patient’s death, as well as actions that led to serious injuries in another. The first patient ultimately died from septic shock, the result of an overwhelming systemic infection caused by untreated wounds. In total, 34 criminal charges have been pressed against the employees, the majority related to one patient’s death and several resulting from serious neglect of a second.

Nursing Home Video Proves Staff Lied About Patient Care
Whetstone Gardens and Care Center’s CEO and Director of Nursing (DON) were both forced to admit that 3 members of their nursing staff had falsified records in 2017 to reflect that they were providing physician-ordered care to the now-deceased patient.  Video evidence provided to Whetstone’s CEO and DON during an inspection immediately following the patient’s death showed a 5 day period in February 2017 in which no wound care was given to the patient during any shifts, despite strict orders detailing the need for rotation of the patient and frequent wound cleaning and dressing. The patient, only identified as Resident #130, was documented as having 2 venous and arterial ulcers on both heels, as well as a stage IV pressure ulcer on his coccyx. A stage IV pressure ulcer is the most advanced type and is described by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in their inspection report as “full thickness of skin loss with extensive destruction, tissue necrosis or damage to muscle, bone or supporting structure.” The resident also had short and long term memory loss and was described as having a severe cognitive deficit. He could express pain through facial expressions and was noted as having done so during examination of the surveillance video from within the facility.

On at least 2 separate occasions, the video shows a nursing assistant entering the patient’s room just to talk on her cell phone. Video prior to the 5 day time period showed sloppy infection management practices, with CNAs not wearing gloves, not cleaning wounds before dressing them, and failing to create a barrier between the table and a clean dressing about to applied to the patients wounds.

That same inspection showed that out of 123 residents, 13 currently had a pressure sore. A spokesperson says that the nursing home denies any role in the patient’s death, citing a defense that the patient had been transferred to the hospital for 5 days prior to his death.

Second Set of Charges Against Nursing Staff
The second set of criminal charges against Whetstone Gardens and Care Center staff stem from treatment of another resident 2 years ago. Charges have been filed against one of the LPNs indicted in the first case, along with 4 other employees. The case alleges that nursing staff falsely charted treatments that were never given to the patient, including charting at times that the patient wasn’t even at the nursing home. Staffers also allegedly forged signatures.  The nursing home has defended itself in this case by saying that they realized their mistakes and took swift action to correct it. The patient in this case has been described as having suffered physical harm, but it unclear if the harm ultimately led to the patient’s death or if he/she is still alive.

Chicago Pressure Sore Attorneys
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