Nursing Home Resident Death Caused by Neglect

When we choose a nursing home for our elderly loved one we do so with the hopes that they will receive proper care and assistance. That is not always the case. In one recent incident, a nursing home resident died after suffering injuries that were due to neglectful care at the facility. A lawsuit was filed in Cook County against The Admiral at the Lake, along with two nurses. The lawsuit alleges that improper care caused or contributed to the man’s death. The suit was filed on behalf of the man’s estate and is seeking damages in excess of the jurisdictional limits.

Neglect in Nursing Homes

Sadly, neglect happens even in the most popular nursing facilities. In this instance, the man suffered from pressure sores, a common problem that can happen when patients are neglected. Pressure sores can become infected and this can cause a serious decline in health. If not treated quickly, the infection can become difficult to resolve and can travel through the body impacting the organs. The lawsuit also claims that the nursing staff failed to suction secretions from the man’s airway. When the airway is not clear the person inhales fluid. This is called aspiration. Fluids in the lungs and airway will cause serious medical harm and must be treated as an emergency.

Recovery of Elderly Patients

Older individuals often have weakened immune systems so when they develop an injury they may not be able to fight it. Recovery in some cases may require a person to undergo surgery or to become bedridden for a long period of time. These problems can lead to other medical issues and a decline in health. The best way to assure that a person will not have complications is by preventing the injury from occurring.

Prevention of Injuries

Most injuries that occur in nursing homes can be prevented. There are several reasons why neglect may happen. The nursing home may be understaffed causing the caregivers the inability to give patients the attention required to keep them safe. The staff may be inadequately trained. Nursing home staff may have a high turnover rate and it could be difficult to find qualified workers. Additionally, the staff may work long hours and may not provide the careful supervision required.

Nursing Home Neglect Case

When a nursing home resident does not get proper care and a serious injury or death results, the victim’s family may need to seek legal action. A lawsuit may be necessary to obtain the costs of medical care and other damages such as pain and suffering. In this instance, the injuries contributed to the man’s death and justice is being sought by the decedent’s relatives.

The nursing home in this case apparently not only failed to care for the man, but additionally did not seek medical attention in a timely manner. These issues caused the man’s death, which may have been prevented. If your loved one has been neglected in a nursing facility, call the compassionate lawyers at Levin & Perconti for a consultation.

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