Nursing Home Negligence Responsible for Woman’s Injuries

Nursing homes should be considered safe places for our elderly relatives to enjoy their twilight years. Instead, some nursing homes are not as safe as they should be. Negligent care is being blamed for the death of a nursing home resident who suffered serious injuries after falling out of her wheelchair. According to a lawsuit filed against the nursing home, the facility did not provide proper care and did not position the woman adequately in her wheelchair, causing her to fall.

Falls in Nursing Homes

Falls are the leading cause of injuries among the elderly. Falls in nursing homes are shockingly common. An average 200 bed nursing facility reports about 100 falls every year. This number could actually be low because many falls in nursing homes go unreported, especially if the resident did not suffer severe injuries. Unfortunately, many older people are seriously injured when they fall.

Serious Injuries from Falls

Falling may not seem serious to young people, but for the elderly, falls can cause some very severe and even life-threatening injuries. Many older people have thinner bones which can more easily fracture or break in a fall. Broken hips are among the most common of fracture injuries from falls in older individuals. When someone breaks their hip they may require surgery and are often bedridden for weeks or even months after the event. This sedentary time can lead to complications including pneumonia and pressure ulcers.


People don’t usually die directly from falling, but they can suffer a health decline after suffering a fall. Older people do not heal as quickly as when they were younger. This can lead to a lengthy recovery and rehabilitation time. During this time they must rely on the care of others to assist them in their daily routine. Once someone falls in a nursing home they can easily suffer complications that cause their health to deteriorate.


When a fall occurs in a nursing home it may be due to neglect. Falls can and should be prevented, especially in care facilities. Lack of proper supervision, inadequate staffing, and poor management can all lead to falls. Not all falls are reported, however they should be. Anyone who suffers a fall should be evaluated by a doctor immediately, even if there are no outward signs of an injury. Fast treatment can make recovery easier and more likely to happen with fewer complications.

Legal Help

When a loved one suffers a serious injury as the result of a fall in a nursing home it may be necessary to take legal action. In this case, the administrator for the woman’s estate filed the lawsuit against Aperion Care Forest Park and parent company Berkshire Nursing & Rehab Center, LLC. The lawsuit alleges that the woman fell out of her wheelchair when she tried to reach for something. She was not properly positioned nor adequately supervised at the time of the accident. If your loved one was hurt or died because of nursing home neglect, contact the legal team at Levin & Perconti to discuss your case.

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