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When a Nursing Home Fall is Caused by Neglect


The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society has reported that at least 5,000 deaths each year are due to nursing home injuries and negligence. The statistic has been jarring for years yet the numbers don’t seem to be decreasing and the injuries that occur in nursing homes remain incline. Falls remain one of the highest causes of both nursing home resident injuries and deaths. In fact, 20 percent of all elderly falls and accidents occur in a nursing home or long-term care facility. Sadly, another 2,000 residents will die each year from a fall while many more suffer from other serious, fall-related injuries.


While we know that every injury can’t be prevented, and some are caused by an aging population that is more apt to injury due to failing health, our experience representing nursing home neglect victims has also shown us that if a facility does not provide sufficient staff training and resident safety systems are not set in place to protect against falls, the risk of injury among residents will go up. And those are the times a family may have a case for neglect. In addition, here are several other reasons why a nursing home could be held liable for a fall injury.


  • Some nursing homes in Illinois are guilty of overmedicating their residents with powerful sedatives, antipsychotics, and anti-anxiety medication and increasing a patient’s injury risk.
  • The CDC cites as many as 27 percent of resident falls are caused by physical hazards. These include things like wet floors, cleaning carts, unsecured mobility equipment, stairs without railings, objects left in hallways, loose rugs and floor clutter (cords, garbage cans, small pieces of furniture), beds positioned at improper heights, and poor lighting.
  • A large percentage of nursing homes are understaffed and those who are working are underpaid. When you pile high patient demands onto the plate of someone making less than $12 an hour, it should come as no surprise that you have a profession filled with overwhelmed, overworked, and emotionally drained employees who are bound to make mistakes and cause accidents to happen.


Investigating a Nursing Home Injury


When a fall occurs (or any other accident), it is important to learn the circumstances that surrounded the event. All too often, the nursing home staff may place blame on the resident, rather than taking responsibility themselves. Additionally, the patient may be embarrassed or scared, or not able to communicate how the fall happened. Take the time to investigate exactly how the incident occurred, ask questions to anyone who will listen, and demand proper precautions be put into place for your loved one’s future needs.


Chicago’s Nursing Home Injury Attorneys


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