Nurse’s Aide Charged with Taking Inappropriate Photo

A former nurse’s aide at a nursing home has been charged with taking a sexually explicit photo of a 49-year-old male patient with a traumatic brain injury. It was said that the man used a cell phone to take an inappropriate photo of a nursing-home patient under his care. He took a photo of the man’s genitals and sent a text message with this photograph to a female employee who was not working at the time. He then asked his co-worker to forward the picture to another friend, but instead she reported the incident to her supervisors. The employee has been fired from his position at the nursing home. The attorney general was quoted as saying that this is a disgusting example of abuse within the walls of a nursing home. The employee violated the privacy rights of his patient and the laws of the state. Cell phone use has created many incidents of nursing home abuse and many states have banned cell phones in nursing homes. Illinois should consider such useful nursing home legislation. To read more about the nursing home abuse, please click the link.

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