Nun Dies In Nursing Home and Family Looks for Answers

After a news investigation a family is now demanding an investigation to see whether or not the nun’s death was an accident. The 90-year-old nun was killed when a closet fell on her. The family was lead to believe that it was a freak accident however prior to the nun’s death; two other people were injured at the home by falling closets. Family members believe that the nursing home was trying to cover up the previous accidents, since they never neither reported them to the health department nor told the family about them. They claim that these actions went beyond negligence; it was more of a callous disregard of the safety of the most vulnerable among us, the elderly and the infirmed. After the first two closet doors fell, the nursing home still neglected to bolt the other 298 closets to the wall. Although no disciplinary action has been taken at the nursing home, the home was found to be in immediate jeopardy to resident health and safety. The home was fined $17,000. To read the full story, click here.

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