Niles Nursing and Rehab Center COVID-19 Summary

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Niles Nursing and Rehab Center releases COVID-19 statistics showing 158 COVID infections and 33 deaths.  Levin & Perconti, Illinois nursing home lawyers launch investigation into gross negligence in preventing the spread of COVID-19

On May 29, 2020, Niles Nursing and Rehab Center, located in Niles, IL, released long term care outbreak data reporting of laboratory confirmed COVID-19 outbreak cases.  These statics confirm that 158 infections and 33 deaths have occurred at the facility during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Quarterly Violations:

Based on the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Quarterly Reports of Nursing Home Violations, Niles Nursing and Rehabilitation Center was found to be in violation of several procedures.

In Quarter 1 of 2020 (January – March), Niles Nursing and Rehab Center was fined for Type B violations of the Code, including but not limited to, sections 300.610(a), 300.1210(b), 300.1210(d)(6), and 300.1220(b). More specifically, an October 24, 2019 survey found that Niles Nursing and Rehab Center had failed to provide appropriate care to prevent a resident with dementia, who was assessed as being at a high risk for falls, from getting out of her wheelchair and falling in the dining room. The fall ultimately resulted in the death of the resident.

In Quarter 1 of 2019 (January – March), Niles Nursing and Rehab Center was fined for a Type A violation, including, but not limited to, sections 300.610(a), 300.121(b), and 300.121(d)(6) when the facility’s failure to maintain a functional alarm system by the staff immediately disarming the emergency alarm that alerts all staff to a missing resident. Ultimately, this failure resulted in a newly admitted resident going missing. Further, the facility failed to immediately search for the resident that had wandered off unsupervised, resulting in that resident sustaining multiple injuries and fractures requiring the resident to be transferred to the hospital.

In Quarter 2 of 2018 (April – June), Niles Nursing and Rehab Center was fined for a Type A violation, including, but not limited to, sections 300.610(a), 300.690(a), 300.690(b), 300.690(c), 300.696(a), 300.696(b), 300.1210(d)(6). Specifically, these violations centered around the facility’s failure to maintain an infection control program designed to provide residents an environment free from potential exposure to the Legionella bacteria, ultimately resulting in several positive tests for the bacteria at different locations around the facility.

Regulatory History

The Illinois Department of Public Health conducts annual recertification surveys in which nursing homes are subjected to a review of their regulatory histories, as well as any violations occurring at the facility. When a facility is found to be in violation, the facility is required to submit a plan of correction noting both how it will remedy the violation and how it will prevent similar violations in the future.

A recertification survey was conducted for Niles Nursing and Rehab Center on October 20, 2016. During the survey, Niles was found to be in violation of several regulation, including those governing infection control and spread prevention, when a healthcare worker that was performing wound care on a resident removed the resident’s wound dressings and placed the dirty dressings on the floor. Additionally, a healthcare worker was observed failing to perform proper hand hygiene after providing care to a resident.

Additionally, a recertification survey completed on September 14, 2017 found, among a number of other violations, that the facility was in violation for failing to provide care and services for the highest well-being. Specifically, the facility failed to follow a physician’s orders for thickened liquid to reduce or prevent the risk of aspiration for 1 of 6 residents.

Further, a recertification survey from October 24, 2019 found the facility to be in violation for failing to have care plan interventions in place to address a resident’s impulsive behavior to stand or self-transfer without assistance and individual plan for monitoring and supervising the resident to prevent falls.

Founding partner Steven M. Levin described these outbreaks in many Illinois Nursing Homes: “for many years prior to this outbreak, Niles Nursing and Rehab Center operated with insufficient staff and with a lack of adherence to recognized infection control protocols.  It is not surprising that they were ill equipped to handle this outbreak.”

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