NIH Website Adds Information on Hip Replacements

Many local seniors eventually have trouble with their hips. For some, a hip replacement is recommended. Our Illinois elder care lawyers therefore understand that it is important for seniors (and their families) to educate themselves on these surgeries, understanding when they are needed, the alternatives, and the potential complications
New Hip Implant Resource
Fortunately, more and more resources are becoming available to help families learn about these issues in clear, straightforward ways. For example, a website from the National Institute of Health recently added a section related specifically to hip replacements. The main wellness website can be found at Please click here to go directly to the hip replacement page.

Various helpful information is provided on the site. For example, it explains how a doctor is likely to recommend alternatives before actually suggesting that a replacement surgery is the way to go. Often, things like a new exercise regime, walking aids,and medication offer better,less risky alternatives to correct hip problems.

The most common cause of the problems is osteoarthritis–when the cartilage breaks down that covers the ends of the bones at the point where they form joints. Fractures, tumors, arthritis, and other conditions can similarly cause pain in the area and perhaps counsel toward a hip replacement.

Hip replacements may offer needed relief to local seniors. However, our Chicago hip implant attorneys are very familiar with the harmful consequences facing those who have unintended consequences of their implants. One of the possible complications involve problems with the implant itself. The most widespread recent example of this is the recall of two types of hip implant systems manufactured by DePuy Orthopaedics.

Nearly two years ago the company institute a recall of the two systems after rising concerns about the high failure rate of the systems. The system failed a various ways. At times the implants became dislodged from the body. At other times the parts of the “ball and socket” product (both metal) rubbed together to release particles into the body. These complications caused severe swelling and pain. This often made it difficult for patients to walk. On many occasions the only way to correct the problem was a revision surgery, which was costly and came with its own set of risks. While the exact number of affected patients is unclear, DePuy’s own website indicates that at least one in eight patients required revision surgery.

Our Chicago DePuy implant lawyers know that the failure of the product is attributable to a design flaw in the implant. Fortunately, when medical products have flawed designs that cause harm to patients, those patients are usually able to file lawsuits to recover for their loss. The recovery can provide support for things like medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. It remains important for local seniors who may have been hurt by these hip implants to seek out legal help to ensure their rights are protected.

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