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New York to Provide Millions to Sub-Standard Nursing Homes

New York governor Cuomo has approved payment of $850 million for distribution to nursing homes across the state. Many of the nursing homes, however, provide low quality care. In fact, more than 400 of the 600 nursing homes funded are rated at below or far below average standards. The funding is considered payout on a settlement that is supposed to be in exchange for the nursing homes dropping their challenges to Medicaid reimbursements. The facilities will receive the funds to boost their bottom lines.

Low Rated Facilities

Unfortunately, even some of the worst facilities in the state will receive payments based on the approval. The star rating system of one through five is used to rate nursing homes. A one-star rating is the worst possible and more than 230 of the 600 facilities have been rated one-star or two- stars. One-star rated nursing homes are the worst in the country and yet the government has provided funding to them and to other poorly rated facilities. Nursing home neglect is most often associated with low rated facilities.

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing homes with the lowest ratings typically have serious care deficiencies. The facilities may have low staffing or a large turnover rate. The staff could be improperly trained or may not be trained at all. Management may not be making sure that the residents are being properly cared for and facilities may be dirty or unsafe. These and other problems can cause a nursing home to be rated poorly. Nursing home neglect is preventable yet it causes a large number of injuries and deaths each year across the country.

Payment to Nursing Homes

Government payment to these nursing homes is allegedly being done to replace payments that were not sufficiently made by Medicaid. However, government funding of nursing homes only serves to reward them for their terrible service. There is thus no incentive for these poorly rated nursing homes to improve their services. Nursing homes that have lawsuits pending for negligent care are also among those receiving payouts. In one recent case the resident was severely dehydrated and suffered kidney injuries due to the negligent care provided in one such nursing home.

What to Do About Negligent Care

While the decision of New York government to fund millions to unworthy care facilities is questionable, it does not resolve the issues of nursing home neglect. Neglect occurs in many facilities, even in some with higher ratings. When nursing home neglect happens it is essential to report the problem and immediately seek medical attention for your loved one. Contact an attorney with experience working with nursing home neglect cases. Your lawyer will help to review the case and determine whether neglect or abuse has occurred while you can concentrate on the well-being of your relative. Legal action is often necessary in order to obtain monetary damages for the injuries sustained due to negligent care. If your loved one is the victim of nursing home neglect contact Levin & Perconti to discuss your case.

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