New Way To Support Nursing Home Laws

On this blog we frequently keep readers appraised of proposed federal and state legislation that may affect Illinois nursing home abuse victims, and we sometimes encourage advocates to contact their representatives to make their voices heard. By sharing your opinion about specific pieces of legislation, individuals can make a difference on a big scale.

Along those lines, the Washington Post recently reported on a new system that is attempting to make it easier for the public to connect with their Congressional representatives. The new site is called Popvox, and it claims to offer the best way yet for area residents to become involved in the political process for certain proposed legislation. The company mission is to provide a more streamlined, user-friendly way to gather information about how constituents actually feel about issues and give that information to the policymakers who will decide the matter-politicians, staff members, and others involved in the process. The site claims that it is not a discussion form, but a place for action.

To participate in the site members of the general public can visit and select the bill that they want to comment on or browse bills on certain topics. The user can then choose to support or oppose the measure and have the option of writing a message about the bill to be sent to their Congressional representative. The founders suggest that the site is a more direct way to ask your legislator to take specific action on proposed bills.

Also, besides the convenience, the group claims that Popvox information is likely to be taken more seriously by your member of Congress, because the message is sent to the representative with your real name and address. As a result, the elected official will known specifically that you are in fact their constituent and you opinion should be duly considered before he or she votes on the measure. Conveniently, the site aggregates all of the support for and against the measure and provides the information to interested groups, like the media, advocacy organizations, and others.

Our Illinois nursing home neglect lawyers at Levin & Perconti support the use and expansion of all advocacy tools to help our area constituents let their support for legislation that affects nursing home residents be known. Our legal practice is committed to helping the victims of poor nursing home care and their families. No stone should be left unturned when it comes to these efforts.

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