New Story on Our Firm’s Bed Sore Lawsuit Against Evergreen Health Care Center

It strikes in Chicago, the suburbs, and throughout Illinois: nursing home neglect. Sadly, most will not truly consider the problem until it happens to someone that they love. While many long-term care providers work hard to ensure proper treatment of residents at all times, there are far too many who do not. The result is a string of incidents where seniors are forced to spend their last days in pain, suffering, confusion, and sadness. It is never acceptable, and we need to work to minimize the number of elderly residents affected.

Each Chicago nursing home lawyer at our firm is proud to help families in the aftermath of these tragedies. Be demanding legal accountability, we are able to ensure families are compensated as much as possible for their loss and that negligent facilities have a reason to change their practices so that future problems are avoided.

Evergreen Health Care Center Pressure Sore Settlement
For example, the Evergreen Park Patch recently published a story on a settlement reached by our team of pressure sore lawyers on behalf of a local family following the death of their loved one. The details of the saga are a tragic, personal reminder of the consequences of this sort of mistreatment and the need to demand responsibility to protect others in the future.

The case centered on a 77-year old woman who needed close care after suffering a stroke. As can happen with stroke victims, the senior had virtually no mobility, which was why she was living in an assisted living facility where she expected to receive around the clock close care. However, that care was not provided. Most critically, the senior was not properly turned and repositioned to prevent the development of bed sores.

The sores deteriorated to the point where the senior was eventually diagnosed with sepsis, pneumonia, and dehydration. All of these complications eventually took the senior’s life, only a few months after moving into the long-term care facility. Eventually we worked with the family to ensure legal accountability following the poor care that led to the tragic death. In December the settlement in the case was finally approved in the amount of $575,000.

Our firm has several other cases pending against Evergreen Park for the poor care provided to residents. In summarizing the situation, one of our founders, Steven Levin, explained, “They have a very substantial and negative regulatory history. In our opinion when a facility has repeated instances of violations and frequent lawsuits that’s usually a sign that they’re insufficiently staffed or improperly trained or supported by administration.”

These cases often represent owners who put profits over people. It is perhaps not surprising that the facility’s license was nearly revoked on several occasions in the past for a series of violations. Some of the same problems are found time and again. Our own firm is working on two other cases where bed sores developed as a result of insufficient care. Another case involves a nursing home fall that should have been prevented and a fourth stems from medication errors.

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