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New Levin & Perconti Lawsuit Alleges Nursing Home Neglect At Bethesda Home and Retirement Center

Our Illinois nursing home neglect attorneys at Levin & Perconti have worked for decades on behalf of local residents and their loved one who were hurt by inadequate care. Over the years we have come to the unfortunate realization that poor care at long-term care facilities strikes with much more frequency than most observers are aware. Day in and day out local community members are injured and their lives are risked because of care giving that falls far short of that to which they deserve.

We work with clients to uncover information about the specific misconduct that occurred and the connection between that poor care and the harm to their loved one. To help preserve the rights of those victims we will frequently file Illinois nursing home abuse lawsuits. Even more information is collected after a suit is filed to help discover exactly what occurred and provide evidence to show to a fact finder (judge or jury). In more cases than not, a settlement is reached with the other side in the lawsuit which provides fair compensation for the injury without needing to go to trial. However, when a fair offer cannot be agreed upon, then our attorneys are more than willing to go to trial to protect the rights of our client.

Just this week our nursing home neglect lawyers filed a complaint on behalf of a local victim against the Bethesda Home and Retirement Center. The complaint includes several complaints against the nursing home, its parent company, and the specific caregivers who provided inadequate care. The victim in this case was a resident of the facility for approximately a year and a half before his death in September of last year. Pursuant to the Illinois Survival Statute one count of the complaint alleges that the facility failed to prevent the development of various pressure sores on the victim’s body, properly treat the sores, and generally protect the victims from neglect. Part of that neglect allegedly included failure to maintain acceptable nutrition and hydration levels in the elderly victim.

The complaint further alleges that the facility did not maintain a sufficient nursing staff level to provide as substantial nursing and related services as practicable. In addition, the facility failed to ensure that the care givers who were at the home were competent in the techniques and skills necessary to provide proper care. It is further alleged that the Bethesda Home & Retirement Center failed to properly assess the victim’s psychosocial well-being or institute appropriate treatment services to correct problems with his mental wellbeing.

We encourage all local residents who suspect that their loved one has received inadequate nursing home care to visit our nursing home lawyers at Levin & Perconti and share your story. You will not be charged for your visit. There is nothing to lose from learning how the law applies in your case and what might be done to provide accountability for the poor care.

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