New Illinois Nursing Home Lawsuit Alleges Fall from Wheelchair

According to the Madison-St. Clair Record a new Illinois nursing home neglect lawsuit has been filed in southern Illinois. The suit was filed by a former resident against a nursing and rehabilitation center in the area. The allegations made in the complaint suggest that the man was injured as a result of one of the most common types of negligence-inadequate supervision that lead to a fall.

Specifically the complaint filed earlier this month suggests that the man was sitting in his wheelchair at the facility while being left unattended. Unfortunately, the man fell from his chair, and as a result of the fall he claims to have torn the rotator cuff in his shoulder. Of course many seniors have a wide range of physical vulnerabilities, and so injuries that they sustain often have a domino-like effect on their health. Even when subsequent injuries are prevented, even relatively minor injuries can lead to severe pain, suffering, loss of mobility, and other long-term problems.

The legal documents filed by the resident in this case suggest that the nursing home was negligent in a range of ways. On one hand, the complaint suggests that had the man been properly supervised and protected, the fall from the wheelchair would not have occurred in the first place. In addition, the former resident suggests that the facility did not provide the senior with adequate medical care after the injury, complicating the problem and adding to the pain.

Each Chicago nursing home neglect lawyer at our firm appreciates that the issues raised in this suit are quite common across all Illinois nursing home neglect cases. Poor supervision is unfortunately an all too common form of negligence that leads to untold numbers of accidents and injuries at facilities across the area each day. The supervision problem itself can often be traced back to staffing problems. As we’ve often noted, many facilities simply do not have enough hired front-line care workers providing the actual hands-on support residents need to get by each day.

When a single care worker is pulled between dozens of residents with countless different needs it is far more likely that a resident will go unnoticed who should be watched. This is rarely the fault of the over-worked aide, however it is still a form a facility-wide negligence. The owners and operators of these homes must be held accountable for this sort of conduct that hurts residents.

Of course Illinois nursing home falls, like in this case, are perhaps one of the single most common forms of injury at these facilities. Unfortunately, a fall is often a catalyst that leads to other problems for the senior. For example, some individuals may become bed-ridden after the fall-either permanently or temporarily. As a result, they come to rely on the help of front-line care workers even more. However, with understaffing those care workers often do not attend to their needs as closely as necessary. In those cases, the resident may not be properly re-positioned, could have nutrition issues, and is at risk of dehydration. All of those factors often cause pressure sores to develop.

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