New Abuse Allegations Against Nurse at Public Nursing Home

All manner of excuses are often made to cover up Illinois nursing home abuse and neglect. Of course those who perpetrate the abuse are often willing to do or say anything to avoid being held accountable for their conduct. Similarly, administrators and those who manage these facilities are always worried about the bottom line, and so they skirt around concerns about low staffing and lack of protocol which leads to preventable accidents. Sadly, many trusting residents and their family members believe the steadfast denials and misconceptions set forth by those responsible for mistreatment. Each Illinois nursing home neglect lawyer at our firm knows that many cases of abuse are never actually brought to light because of the silence of those who are in a position to stand up and demand accountability.

In most instances those involved do not stand up because they desperately do not want to believe that their loved one has been the victim of nursing home neglect. At other times, the family members of victims have suspicions but decide to push them aside. Visiting with a nursing home abuse lawyer and pursuing legal redress often seems like an arduous and unnecessary process. However, we repeatedly stress that it is absolutely necessary in many cases. The very reason that mistreatment continues in nursing homes in our area and throughout the country is specifically because it is deemed cost-effective for these facility owners to create environments where abuse and neglect is likely to occur. It is only when they are forced to make changes to improve the circumstances for everyone can make a real dent in eliminating the mistreatment once and for all.

Fortunately, every day we read more stories about family members who are taking a stand and demanding accountability. For example, WLBT News reported this week on an adult daughter who is using Facebook to show evidence of abuse against her elderly mother that she believes was perpetrated while at a nursing home. The daughter posted pictures of her mother’s condition last week. The pictures show the resident with severe bruises on her face, neck, and arms.

When the daughter went to the facility to learn what happened, the nurse on duty during the fall said that she “had had enough.” The nurse admitted to giving her mother medication to calm her down. The daughter believes that her mother was forcibly moved into the wheelchair. She suffered a fractured eye and injuries to her arm and shoulder. The victim is 74 years old and is struggling through the early stages of dementia.

The woman claims that her mother suffered a broken arm in a fall a year and a half ago. The daughter has been called on several other occasions for her mother’s falls. This is a situation faced by many local families. They are often told that a loved one has been injured and then given apparent excuses for the injury. In many more cases, however, had proper care been provided then the injury would not have occurred at all.

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