Negligent Nursing Home Has Admission Suspension After Resident Privacy Violated

Proper care giving at long-term care facilities that is free of nursing home neglect means more than just the prevention of serious physical harm to the resident. Unfortunately, so many local residents forget that when an elderly loved one enters one of these facilities to receive additional care they continue to deserve to live in an environment that prioritizes their quality of life. These seniors still need social interaction, mental stimulation, creative outlets, and protection of their basic privacies and dignity. Our Illinois nursing home neglect lawyers know that many employees at these homes fail to understand this concept.

For example, Knox News reported late last week on actions by two caregivers which showed a clear disrespect for the residents who depended on them. Two certified nursing assistants at a home took pictures of one resident after a shower with undergarments on the individual’s head. The photo was then forwarded to several other staff members and the daughter of one other nursing assistant. This conduct was in clear violation of the dignity of the unsuspecting resident. State investigators fined the nursing home involved and temporarily blocked the home from having new admissions until policy changes are implemented which ensure that this conduct is prevented in the future.

Two years ago the same state had to deal without another home that was the site of the same form of nursing home neglect and mistreatment. In that case, two certified nursing assistants took many downright degrading photos of resident-some in partial states of undress. Those employees were also immediately fired. In addition, they were found guilty of several counts of elder neglect and sentenced to a variety of criminal sanctions. New admissions at that facility were also temporarily suspended until new inspections were undertaken which showed that all problems had been corrected and that residents were safe.

The same large nursing home company owned both of these negligent facilities. It is a sad example of how lax treatment of caregivers can create a culture at certain homes which gives these employees the impression that this type of conduct is tolerated. Ideally, it should not be nursing home regulators or private individuals who come forward to raise awareness of this mistreatment. Instead, the nursing home itself should be the one which catches all of these abuses of power and takes appropriate action. However, proper internal regulation is a rare occurrence at many of the worst nursing facilities.

The Chicago nursing home lawyers at Levin & Perconti do not believe any senior in our area should be forced to put up with any form of degrading conduct. These individuals remain a vital part of our community, and they deserve the same basic protections and privacy privileges as everyone else. Of course that includes the assurance that their caregivers will not use their position of power to violate their dignity in ways that they cannot prevent or do not understand. If you or someone you know has ever been victimized in this way, please step up to report the problem and put an end to the mistreatment once and for all.

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