Negligent Illinois Nursing Homes Fail to Check for Dangerous Residents

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s “Operation Compliance” netted another wanted criminal hiding in an Illinois nursing home this week. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Police officers raided the Virgil Calvert Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Thursday where they found wanted drug fugitive Rothford Davis in hiding.

Twelve Illinois nursing homes have been searched by authorities since the beginning of the operation. Fugitives have been found hiding in all twelve of those raids. Overall, Illinois authorities have found 61 people with arrest warrants hiding in Illinois nursing homes. Besides catching wanted fugitives in these homes, the raids have also allowed authorities the opportunity to review safety plans and compliance issues at these facilities. These repeated examples of nursing home negligence is a startling but sober reminder of the irresponsibility of many providing care to elderly residents in Illinois.

Operation Compliance was formed in February in response to negligence by the Emerald Park Nursing Home in the Chicago area. Emerald Park had failed to follow through with required background checks on potential residents. Facilities are required to perform these checks in Illinois to ensure that residents do not possess criminal records that might present a threat to other residents. The Attorney General ultimately shut Emerald Park down because of its inadequate care.

Shutting facilities down is often the only way to protect many vulnerable elderly residents in the state, because many facilities have been found to repeatedly violate the law. Virgil Calvert, for example, had been inspected earlier this same year with authorities finding two sex offenders living in the residence. Illinois state law requires that nursing homes have special arrangements in place for any residents with backgrounds that indicate they may pose a threat to other residents, like previous sexual offenses. That is just one of many requirements under the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act with which these facilities often fail to comply.

Our nursing home attorneys at Levin & Perconti are experienced in helping uncover similar examples of nursing home abuse in Illinois. They have fought for years to protect the vulnerable residents of these facilities from the negligent care and lax safety procedures that they are all too often provided. Contact our attorneys or other nursing home lawyers if you suspect similar abuse at a local nursing home.

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