Negligent Care at Long-Term Care Facility Caused Death, Levin & Perconti Lawsuit

Nursing homes should be safe places where our loved ones receive the care they need to thrive as they grow older. Sometimes, however, nursing homes and long-term care facilities fail to provide proper care and a loved one gets injured or dies. A lawsuit was recently filed on behalf of the estate administrator of a man who died because of alleged negligence in a nursing home. Levin & Perconti is representing the man’s relative in the lawsuit against The Villa at South Holland and parent company. The suit seeks damages of more than $50,000 and a jury trial has been requested.

Failure to Provide Assistance

Care providers at nursing homes are required to provide assistance to residents and supervise them when necessary. In this case, the man was a resident at The Villa at South Holland when he experienced several bouts of diarrhea that led to severe dehydration and infection. The man died about a week later. The lawsuit states that the nursing home failed to provide adequate supervision and did not render medical care in a timely manner. The care providers are required to check on patients and seek medical treatment immediately when it is required.

Severe Dehydration Led to Death

Dehydration is a serious health threat, especially to the elderly. Dehydration can occur for a number of reasons. The resident may not be properly eating or drinking or the individual may suffer a medical condition. In this case the resident had diarrhea which can cause dehydration if not quickly treated. The diarrhea could be caused by medication, by an illness, or any other reason. Nursing home staff should be supervising residents and must alert a physician when a medical condition occurs. That did not reportedly happen in this case and the man’s condition worsened.

Timely Response is Required

Nursing homes and care facilities must quickly respond to patients in providing them medical treatment. Only a physician can examine a patient and determine the proper course of action. The elderly often suffer swift medical decline once an illness begins. For this reason it is imperative that nursing home staff promptly report any illness or condition to a medical professional. The doctor will diagnose the condition and prescribe the correct treatment. This case demonstrates how a lack of concern can quickly turn into a deadly situation. The man in this case suffered before he ultimately died.

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect poses a dangerous threat to our elderly relatives. Mistakes and poor quality care cannot be tolerated because they can cause medical harm or death to residents. When an incident occurs it is best to report the problem and seek immediate help for your loved one. In many situations if the neglect caused medical expenses or other damages the victim or his relatives may be entitled to compensation. If your loved one was hurt because of nursing home neglect contact the compassionate attorneys at Levin & Perconti to seek the justice you deserve.

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