Negligent Care Alleged in Nursing Home Lawsuit

We expect nursing homes to protect our loved ones; however, this does not always happen. Sometimes nursing homes are neglectful, and our relative is injured. Recently, a lawsuit was filed against a local nursing home, alleging that negligent care caused injuries to a resident. The woman was a resident of Renaissance Park South, in Chicago, where she allegedly suffered permanent disability because of improper and negligent treatment. The lawsuit seeks damages of more than $50,000 and a jury trial.

Failure to Administer Medications

The lawsuit states that the nursing home staff did not properly administer prescription medications. The medications were prescribed by the woman’s doctor, however, they were not provided to the woman as they should have been. Medication mistakes account for many injuries in the United States each year. Sometimes, improper administration is simply an oversight, but if it happens continually, there is a more serious problem. The staff may not be properly trained to administer the medications, or they may be too busy. Also, care providers need to supervise patients to ensure that they take the medications that are given to them.

Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcers, also called bedsores, are small, painful marks on the skin. They develop in places where the body comes into constant contact with something, such as bed sheets. This can occur often in elderly people who have limited mobility. If they are unable to re-position themselves in bed, the result can be a bedsore. For this reason, care providers are responsible for moving patients in bed, to avoid such problems. When a bedsore appears, it is usually a sign of nursing home neglect. As pressure ulcers worsen, the skin breaks and an infection may develop. Such infections are very serious in older individuals and can even lead to death.

Malnutrition and Dehydration

Malnutrition and dehydration are common concerns in nursing facilities. There are a number of reasons why the elderly could have dietary issues. They may take medications that suppress their hunger, they may have diminished ability to taste, or they could be depressed, causing them to become disinterested in eating. Regardless of the reason, nursing home staff members are responsible to ensure that the dietary requirements of all residents are met. Proper supervision is required during meals, and assistance must be provided to those who are unable to feed themselves. Caregivers must also oversee the fluid intake of individuals.

Negligent Care

Nursing home neglect should never be tolerated. All too often, the resident is unable or unwilling to report the problem. This can lead to the worsening of the problem, and permanent injuries or death can occur. When neglect or abuse in a nursing home has happened, it can be devastating to families. It is important to know that those who were injured by neglect, or their relatives, may be entitled to compensation. Medical treatment is expensive, and any costs associated with the injury should be paid by the negligent party. In this case, the nursing home, a nursing consulting company, and parent company are all named in the lawsuit.

If your loved one suffered a serious injury because of nursing home neglect, contact Levin & Perconti to discuss your legal options.

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