Negligent Nursing Home Care Caused Resident’s Fall

We expect nursing homes to provide our loved ones with the care and support they require. When an injury happens we may not understand how or why it occurred. If the injury was the result of neglect on the part of the nursing home staff, it may be necessary to file a claim. Recently, a lawsuit was filed against Symphony of Crestwood claiming that their negligent care is responsible for a woman’s death. The woman died as a result of a serious fall while a resident of the nursing home. The lawsuit seeks damages and a jury trial.

Falls in Nursing Homes

Falls are among the most common type of accident that occurs in nursing homes. Numerous injuries, many of them serious, can result from a fall. The elderly are especially susceptible to severe harm due to falling. It is estimated that nursing home falls occur to about half of all nursing home residents at some point during their stay. While younger people are often unhurt by falls, the injuries are typically much more severe for the elderly.

Injuries from Falls

Injuries from nursing home falls can be serious and may include contusions, abrasions, broken bones and head trauma. Worse than the initial injuries, complications are common among the elderly who are injured in falls. They may become bedridden and are susceptible to pneumonia, pressure ulcers, and serious infections. These complications often start a general decline in health from which the patient never recovers. This is why the prevention of falls is so important in nursing facilities.

Complications That Contributed to Death

The woman in this case sustained a hip fracture due to the fall. This led to serious complications that contributed to her death. The nursing home did not provide adequate supervision to prevent the fall. Had they done so, the resident would not have suffered a significant immediate decline in health and would likely not have died. When a nursing home resident suffers an injury or dies because of neglectful care the facility is held responsible.

Negligence in Nursing Homes

Unfortunately, neglectful care happens often in nursing homes. Even the best nursing care facilities may not provide the high quality care that elderly residents deserve. Understaffing, improper supervision, and lack of training may all be reasons why neglect may occur. Regardless of the reason, neglect is never acceptable. Proper care must be provided at all times. Falls may go unreported, especially if the resident believes that the accident was his or her own fault.

Sadly, many nursing home residents are seriously injured and may die because of complications following falls. Nursing homes are required by law to provide a safe environment including adequate supervision when needed. Those who are hurt by falls in nursing homes may be entitled to compensation to cover any associated medical expenses and punitive damages casued by the injury.

If your loved one was hurt in a nursing home fall it may be due to negligence of the nursing care staff. Call the experienced legal team at Levin & Perconti to learn more about how to resolve your case.

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