Negligent Nursing Home Care Blamed for Woman’s Death

Nursing homes are required to provide proper care to our elderly loved ones in their twilight years. Sadly, sometimes nursing homes fail to provide the level of care that is expected or that is required. The administrator for a woman’s estate recently filed a lawsuit naming Windmill Nursing Pavilion in South Holland, IL, claiming nursing home negligence. The woman died as a result of the alleged improper care.

Negligent Care

Nursing homes are required to provide proper care to all of their residents. The failure to monitor the activities and meet the needs of a resident could result in an injury or illness. The woman in this instance suffered multiple falls, pressure sores, and dehydration which all reportedly led to her overall decline in health and contributed to her death. Nursing home staff members must take the steps necessary to supervise their patients, regardless of their medical condition.

Serious Injuries in Nursing Homes

There are a few types of injuries that often occur in nursing homes. Although nursing home staff and management may try to explain these issues as “normal occurrences” they are often simply a result of poor care. The woman in this case suffered from several of the injuries that are most often associated with neglect.

  •         Falls
  •         Dehydration
  •         Pressure Ulcers

If your loved one suffers from any of these medical issues it is important to find out exactly what happened and try to prevent further injuries from occurring. In addition, patients should be seen by a physician and provided with a care plan.

Failure to Implement Care Plan

Any time a nursing home patient suffers a significant injury or illness their physician should provide a care plan. The care plan needs to indicate the exact type of care that must be given in order to both treat the immediate problem and prevent further injuries from occurring. The plan must be properly implemented by nursing home caregivers. For example, a patient who suffers from pressure sores may need to have the sores cleaned and protected several times a day and be repositioned in bed so that the ulcers do not worsen. The nursing home in this case is accused of failing to implement a care plan for the woman who died.

Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

The signs of nursing home neglect should not be ignored. Often the resident herself may not report a problem because she does not want to cause trouble or because she simply does not realize that the staff did not do their job. Relatives and others should be aware of the signs of neglect and report them immediately. Falls, bruises, bedsores, dehydration, and malnutrition are all signs that neglectful care is being provided. Unfortunately, the signs were noted too late to make a difference for this woman.

Report Injuries and Neglect

If you suspect neglect in a nursing home it is necessary to report the problem. If your relative was injured or died as a result of the neglect you may be entitled to compensation. Speak with an experienced nursing home neglect attorney to discuss how to handle your situation. Contact the compassionate legal team at Levin & Perconti for a consultation today.

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