Negligent Care in Nursing Home Caused Injuries, Death

Nursing homes are required to provide proper care to their residents and must ensure their safety and wellbeing. This was not the case for a woman who died after allegedly receiving neglectful care in a nursing home. The woman’s family filed a lawsuit in Cook County against Alden Estates in Barrington, IL. The lawsuit states that the nursing home failed to provide proper care and the woman died as a result. The lawsuit requests a jury trial.

Respiratory Distress Went Unnoticed

The woman in this case suffered from respiratory distress and also developed pressure ulcers, according to her relatives. Respiratory distress is a serious condition that requires immediate medical treatment. The situation should be considered a medical emergency and the patient should be seen by a physician as quickly as possible. Any delay in treatment could cause serious harm or even death, as it did in this instance. The caregivers allegedly did not properly supervise or monitor the woman and therefore did not realize that she was suffering from respiratory problems.

Development of Pressure Ulcer

Pressure ulcers are sores on the skin that develop primarily in people who are immobile. The skin comes into continuous contact with bedding or medical tubing which causes the skin to become red and irritated. If the ulcer is not treated it can quickly worsen and become infected. Nursing home staff members must be particularly alert to the possibility of these serious sores in their elderly immobile patients. When treated immediately, pressure ulcers may not worsen.

Medical Response is Required

Nursing homes are required by law to provide proper care and supervision to all residents. One of the most important considerations is providing adequate monitoring of patients while living in their facility. The care providers, while often not medically trained, should learn the signs and symptoms to look for when a patient is in need of medical services. Whenever a resident has symptoms of illness or injury the staff must seek care from a physician.

Delayed Response

When the symptoms of a nursing home resident go unnoticed or unreported, the result can be devastating. Any delay in medical examination, diagnosis and treatment may cause the problem to worsen. In this case, no immediate care was given to the woman when she was in respiratory distress. Additionally, the woman suffered from pressure ulcers which also went untreated. Pressure sores are almost always a sign of nursing home neglect and are quite dangerous when left untreated. This delay in response certainly led to a decline in the woman’s health and ultimately led to her death. Had the woman been given medical care in a timelier manner, her health may not have drastically declined.

Families of nursing home residents who were seriously injured or died because of neglect may be owed compensation. Although there is nothing that can change the outcome of the situation, the nursing home should be held accountable for their negligence. If your loved one was harmed by nursing home neglect call Levin & Perconti to discuss your situation.

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