Multiple Lawsuits Filed Against Negligent Nursing Home

According to recent reports, a Kentucky nursing home is currently under legal scrutiny as a result of the untimely death of two of its residents. In two separate lawsuits, both parties allege that the nursing home failed to provide proper care for the victims. In the first case, filed May 11, the plaintiff claims that the nursing home neglected to properly care for the infection in her husband’s foot which ultimately resulted in the amputation of his leg and subsequent death.

In the second lawsuit against the nursing home, filed June 16, the plaintiff claims that the nursing home failed to provide the “minimum standard of care” for his mother which eventually caused her physical state to rapidly weaken. The complaint filed with the court details the extensive list of medical issues the woman sustained as a result of the nursing home’s negligence. Those medical issues included: improper medication, various falls, fluid imbalance, weight loss, multiple infections, in addition to, poor hygiene. The plaintiffs in both cases allege that the nursing home failed to maintain enough staff members nor took the proper precautions to avoid or eliminate the issue.

The issue of nursing home neglect is one that is rarely talked about yet frequently occurs. It is important that residents, as well as, their family members are aware of their rights. The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act protects the rights of nursing home residents, such as: freedom to choose one’s own doctor, ability to receive up to date information regarding one’s diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment, and the ability to contribute in the planning of one’s medical care. In addition, a nursing home is prohibited from using restraints on a resident unless granted explicit consent or in case of an emergency, nor can a nursing home require its residents to perform work.

Our Illinois nursing home lawyers at Levin and Perconti have worked diligently to seek justice for those who have been improperly treated by nursing homes. Devastating cases of nursing home abuse or neglect such as this one have become so frequent that we believe it is important to continue to raise awareness in order to prevent the repeat of these awful occurrences. In addition to holding wrongdoers accountable, nursing home lawsuits, such as the above mentioned, send a message to negligent owners and staff members that poor care and abuse will never be tolerated.

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