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More Problems at Winchester House Nursing Home in Libertyville

Those who follow issues related to elder care and nursing home neglect in Illinois are probably aware of the fact that poor care is not evenly dispersed across all long-term care facilities. Instead, there are often chronic problems at a smaller subset of facilities where preventable injuries occur time and again. That is not to say that nursing home neglect can’t occur everywhere–it certainly can–but overall there are certain home that are far more likely to cause harm.

This is exactly why it is incredibly important to be as diligent as possible when deciding where to have your loved one move if they need long-term care. If there is a choice between a few facilities, be sure to research the track record of those homes to determine if any of them have a series of problems related to poor care.

Yet, the reality is that there is often very little time to properly and fully vet a facility before having a loved one move in. They may be discharged from the hospital, and the need a new living location immediately. In that way, many families have no choice but to trust that the facility will abide by their legal requirement to provide appropriate care at all times to keep their relatives safe. Unfortunately, many homes fall far short of those requirements.

Several Citations at Winchester House
For example, last month the Sun-Times discussed the fourteen separate citations issued to a single Illinois nursing home, the Winchester House in Libertyville. The citations came after two different surveys of the facility conducted by members of the Illinois Department of Health and Human Services.

In addition to the fourteen citations for chronic “deficiencies” at the home, the facility also faced scrutiny for its failure to properly handle issues with one particularly troubled resident. The resident had severe mental retardation, Downs Syndrome, and dementia. He was also known to have severe agitation issues and was prone to wandering. Considering his vulnerabilities and risk-factors, it was important for the facility to have specific plans in place to ensure he was not a harm to himself to other residents.

However, for the report, it does not seem that the caregivers at the facility were able to control the man. In mid October the man was found unclothed from the waist down while standing next to another female resident in a bed. The female resident was partially unclothed as well. The female resident had to be taken to the hospital, but fortunately not evidence of assault was found.

If you or anyone you know might have suffer harm as a result of poor care at Winchester House or any other long-term care facility in Illinois, please contact the attorneys at our firm to see how we can help. The legal professionals on our team have decades of experience fighting on behalf of those affected by nursing home negligence, including for things like pressure sores, falls, wandering, and resident-on-resident attacks. We understand that often the only way to ensure real changes are made at these facilities for the long-term is when they are held fully accountable for the consequences of their actions.

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