CBS 2 News at 10 – Dementia Patient Margaret Collins Terrorized By Nursing Home Aides

Chicago News – CBS 2 News at 10:00 covers the story of Margaret Collins.

Nursing home resident Margaret Collins, a 91 year old woman with dementia, was the subject of repeated harassment from two nursing home employees. The upsetting viral video has caused a backlash of anger against elder abuse and an outpouring of support for Margaret Collins and her family.

Video Transcript

Voiceover: Live from the CBS2 Broadcast Center in Chicago. This is CBS2 News at 10:00.

Brad Edwards: Only on 2.

Joan Biebel: What the hell is he doing?

Brad Edwards: A 91 year old nursing home resident terrorized and taunted by her caretakers.

Joan Biebel: She’s like a little bird. She’s very frail.

Brad Edwards: Tonight, what happened to the nurses and why the family says it’s not nearly enough.

Brad Edwards: Only on 2 tonight, the video, disturbing. An elderly woman being taunted by nursing home workers, video that ended up on Snapchat. A lawsuit filed this week accuses a Glenview nursing home of abuse. Our Charlie De Mar spoke with that elderly woman’s family and is live in the control room. Good evening, Charlie.

Charlie De Mar: Good evening, Brad. Margaret Collins is 91. She has dementia and she doesn’t like hospital gowns. The staff at her nursing home apparently knew this all at the time, and they use that information … Allegedly using this information to taunt and terrorize her. This is the Snapchat video from inside the Abington of Glenview. The December, 2018 incident ultimately ends with the misdemeanor arrest of certified nursing assistants, Brayan Cortez and Jamie Montesa.

Joan Biebel: That was their disturbing form of entertainment?

Charlie De Mar: Joan Biebel’s 91 year old mother, Margaret Collins, suffers from dementia. That’s her in the bed as Cortez allegedly waves a hospital gown at her. The caption reads, “Margaret hates gowns,” with two laughing emojis.

Joan Biebel: It was so disturbing to see.

Charlie De Mar: Cortez told police, “It was an ongoing inside joke.” His girlfriend and coworker, Montesa, is filming.

Joan Biebel: Going like this to my mom, and she’s going like this. She’s like a little bird. She’s a little person. She’s, you know, very frail. Like, what are you doing?

Charlie De Mar: The 91 year old told investigators she feared Cortez may force her to put it on.

Joan Biebel: I knew immediately that we had to go to the police department. This was completely wrong. My mother had an expectation of privacy.

Margaret Battersby Black: And that’s exactly what this is. It’s abuse. They knew that she didn’t like this and they persisted in doing that.

Charlie De Mar: Attorney Margaret Battersby Black filed a lawsuit this week on behalf of Collins.

Margaret Battersby Black: Not only did she not get the care that she needed, but she got bullied and taunted instead.

Charlie De Mar: Accusing the Abington of violating the Nursing Home Care Act, HIPAA, and state privacy laws. The Illinois Department of Public Health determined that the Abington failed to implement its Abuse Prevention Policy, resulting in Collins feeling degradation and shame.

Margaret Battersby Black: They had two staff members who were in her room for the sole purpose of playing a sick game, really.

Charlie De Mar: The Abington said in a statement in part, “Recently, two employees were immediately terminated when it was determined that they violated our standards and policies.”.

Charlie De Mar: Do you feel that the Abington failed you and your family?

Joan Biebel: Absolutely.

Charlie De Mar: Now, initially, those two nursing assistants were only suspended for six days. That, of course, was before police stepped in. They will be in court later this month. As for Collins, her family has since moved her to a new facility. Live in the control room, Charlie De Mar, CBS2 news. Brad.

Brad Edwards: Charlie, thank you.

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