Manorcare reports increased profits but no increase in quality of care

Today, Manor Care Inc. reported a 5% increase from 2006 in year to date profits, driven by a 7% increase in revenues. Although Manor Care’s expenses are up quarter over quarter and on a year to date basis, you wouldn’t know it from their lack of providing quality care to nursing home residents. Manor Care is a frequent defendant in nursing home lawsuits nationwide.

One of the main themes in nursing home litigation is staffing. Homes like Manor Care, who are driven by profits over people, consistently understaff their facilities to cut costs. Clearly Manor Care is doing well enough to profit quarter after quarter – they should be spending more money on staffing their facilities properly so that our nation’s elderly receive the quality of care they deserve. Until Manor Care puts their residents over their profits, lawsuits are the best way to send a message that Manor Care’s conduct will not be tolerated.

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