Man Charged With Raping Dying Nursing-Home Patient

Police have charged a man with raping a dying 70-year-old nursing home patient with Alzheimer’s disease and a brain tumor. Doctors had determined that the woman has less than six months to live. The man is being held for trial on 15 counts of rape and related charges. Police say that the man took the victim from the nursing home to a bar for rum-and cokes and then to the park where they drank beer until 5:30 am. When he drove the woman back to the nursing home staffers went to help her out of the car and noticed that the defendant was not wearing a shirt and his pants were unbuttoned. The victim had bruises on her mouth, neck and arms and staffers discovered she was not wearing any underwear. The defendant told staffers that he was a friend of the victim, but they are still unsure as to how he was able to leave the nursing home with her. A DNA sample taken from the defendant matched semen recovered from the victim’s anal cavity. This story highlights the need for effective staffers at nursing homes and the vulnerability of elderly victims. To read the full story, click here.

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