Malpractice at Nursing Home Results in $125,000 Settlement

A resident at the nursing home who was overdosed on Zyprexa for 2 days was awarded a $125 thousand nursing home abuse settlement. The nursing home negligence lawsuit centered on a miscommunication between a doctor who said he prescribed 2.5 mg of Zyprexa over the phone to a nurse. The nurse claimed he prescribed 25 mg of Zyprexa. The resident was given 25 mg for two days and then became unconscious. He then subsequently developed pneumonia, a spinal abscess and an infection, requiring the removal of bones in his back and rod insertion. This has resulted in his becoming wheelchair-bound. The doctor and the nursing home were deemed negligent by the jury. There must be constant communication between doctors and nurses in order to avoid nursing home negligence. To read more about the nursing home settlement, please click the link.

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