Long-Term Care Facility Sued for Negligence and Wrongful Death

With a growing population of elderly in the United States, there are more and more older people living in nursing homes. It may come as a surprise to some that there are often claims of neglect and abuse in these facilities. While we often consider nursing homes as safe alternatives to living alone, that is often not the case. Nursing home injuries are all too common, and some of them are very serious. In one recent case, a woman died in a nursing home after suffering sepsis due to alleged neglect. The woman’s husband has filed a lawsuit in Cook County, requesting compensation an amount of at least $50,000 and a jury trial.

Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcers, pressure sores, and bedsores are all names for the same malady. These painful sores appear on the skin where there is continually rubbing from something such as a sheet. The sores can also appear from rubbing of medical tubing. Many people may consider these sores common, and although they do happen frequently, they are preventable. The presence of pressure ulcers is an indication of nursing home neglect. A person who is unable to move freely on his own must be turned and moved frequently. When this fails to happen, bedsores may occur. Although bedsores start out as simple red marks, they can quickly worsen and become infected.


Sepsis is an infection that reaches the vital organs of the body and is spread through infected blood. Sepsis can be a very serious and life-threatening condition and is often fatal to the elderly and others who have compromised immune systems. An infection, such as that caused by a pressure ulcer, may turn into sepsis if it is not medically treated. When sepsis sets in, it is very difficult to treat and therefore it may result in death. In this case, the woman suffered an infection that developed into sepsis. The woman ultimately died as a result of the improper care.

Breach of Duty

Nursing homes are required to provide proper care and when they fail to do so they are likely guilty of a breach of duty. The nursing home staff in this instance did not properly care for the woman, nor did they provide adequate supervision. Additionally, they failed to monitor the woman’s condition, and did not seek medical treatment in a timely manner. The woman was a resident at the facility for rehabilitation. When a patient is recovering from an illness or surgery, the staff must take special care to ensure that she is not developing bedsores. The caregivers should have repositioned or moved the woman more often to prevent bedsores from forming.

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect is a very real concern. There are a number of signs that indicate nursing home neglect has occurred. Very often, the patient herself is unable or unwilling to inform anyone of the improper treatment. It is important to continually monitor the health condition of your loved one in a nursing home. If your relative suffered a serious injury or died as a result of nursing home neglect, contact the skilled legal team at Levin & Perconti to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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