Long-Term Care Facility Failed to Prevent Injuries and Death

Nursing homes and care facilities are expected to support and monitor our elderly loved ones. Unfortunately, care facilities do not provide the care or supervision necessary to monitor residents and a patient sustains injuries or dies. Levin & Perconti is representing the estate of a woman who died due to alleged negligent care in a nursing home. The lawsuit was filed against Estates of Hyde Park, and other providers claiming that they failed to prevent her death.

Improper Supervision in Care Facilities

Nursing homes and care facilities must properly supervise and monitor residents. In this case, the lawsuit indicates that the nursing home staff did not take the corrective steps needed to prevent her from injuries. The woman experienced a fall and also developed pressure ulcers. These issues were reportedly not properly treated. The woman suffered pain and declining health until her death.

Illinois Nursing Home Care Act

The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act provides guidelines and rules that must be followed by care facilities in the state. The legislation provides information for both providers and patients so that everyone understands the expectations of care. The facility must be able to provide the type of care and support that is required if they accept the patient in their nursing home. The needs of patients may change over time, however, the staff must be trained in how to review the condition of patients and know when medical diagnosis and treatment is necessary.

Inadequate Supervision

Inadequate supervision of patients is one of the most common claims made against nursing homes. Nursing homes may be understaffed or their caregivers may not be adequately trained to provide the level of care needed by their residents. Other times, the management may be lacking and they may not have hired staff members who are capable of performing daily tasks. The result is the serious harm or injury to patients due to the failure to monitor their conditions and provide for their needs.

Care Plans Are Essential

Care plans outline the specific needs of every patient and are essential in providing a high level of care. A care plan is generally provided by a physician and gives guidelines that specify the daily requirements that should be met in order to provide optimal treatment. Care plans indicate problems that patients may have so they can be monitored. In this case, the woman was at high risk for falls, yet there was no care plan in place to alert caregivers of the problem. As a result of inadequate care, the woman suffered a serious fall with injuries that contributed to her death.

Protect Loved Ones from Nursing Home Neglect

Loved ones should do everything they can to protect their family member from harm while in a nursing home. A care plan is certainly one step that could be implemented that should help prevent problems. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect may still occur. If it has happened to your family, call the skilled legal team at Levin & Perconti to discuss your case.

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