Levin & Perconti Settlement Approved For $975,000 After Falling Accident

Besides working with victims of Illinois nursing home abuse, our Chicago neglect attorneys help a variety of victims throughout the state seek redress and accountability after suffering often catastrophic losses. Unfortunately, day in and day out in our city, individuals, businesses, and organizations act in negligent and reckless ways that cause harm to others. Whether the misconduct occurs in a nursing home, on the road, at someone’s home, or anywhere else, the law is consistent in providing those victimized a process by which they can seek recovery for their losses. The basic legal premise is simple. When one person owes a duty of care to another and that care is breached causing harm, then a negligence lawsuit can be brought. The basic elements needed to be proven in these cases are generally the same.

Surprisingly, the same injuries are often seen time and again affecting those hurt by others negligence. For example, we have often shared information on Illinois nursing home falls and the harm that they cause to senior residents in our area. It remains imperative that all nursing home owners, operators, and staff members do everything in their power to prevent these accidents. Similarly, those in charge of keeping apartment buildings safe and other managing other living spaces must ensure that their premises do not pose risks to those who use the spaces from accidents like falls.

The Chicago nursing home attorneys at our firm are all too familiar with the often fatal consequences of these falls, both when they occur in a nursing home and elsewhere. This week a judge recently approved a case that we settled on behalf of one victim of an apartment complex porch fall. The 24-year old victim in that case was at his girlfriend’s apartment several summers ago when he fell over the railing onto the concrete below. The young man suffered considerable injuries from which he ultimately passed away seven months later.

Following the tragedy the man’s mother filed an Illinois wrongful death lawsuit seeking to hold those in charge of the area accountable. It was eventually learned that railings on the porch were 10 inches lower than the 42 inches required by the Chicago Building Code. Had those rails been the appropriate height, it is likely that the victim would still be alive today. Our lawyers were eventually able to work with the management company involved and settle the case out of court. The victim will receive $975,000 in the settlement that was approved by the Circuit Court of Cook County judge this week.

Two of our attorneys represented the victim in the suit, Steven m. Levin & Michael F. Bonamarte. Attorney Levin explained following the settlement that “in light of the catastrophic events that have occurred in Chicago where young people have died because of unsafe porches, it is tragic that accidents like this continue to happen.” He went on to explain that hopefully this “case will set an example for other landlords in Chicago and will motivate them to maintain their properties in accordance with the City Code to prevent future accidents.”

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