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Levin & Perconti Settle Nursing Home Lawsuit Against Berkshire Nursing & Rehab

Our attorneys are proud to work with residents in Chicago and throughout Illinois after poor nursing home care leads to injury. In most cases the process is initiated by the family of the resident. Sadly, families often only learn of problematic care after an incident which causes harm–a nursing home fall, the development of pressure sores, an attack by another resident, or similar accident. When that happens the legal system usually allows the family to recover compensation for the harm irrespective of possible state and federal sanctions for any care violations.

When helping families with these matters, the final resolution in our cases is often a settlement. These are agreements between the parties to resolve the matter without the need to have the issue decided by a judge or jury. Settlements are an efficient way to resolve disputes, ensure fairness, and provide incentive to ensure proper care 100% of the time.

New Illinois Nursing Home Settlement
Recently, our Illinois nursing home abuse lawyers settled a case on behalf of a family against the Berkshire Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Forest Park, Illinois. The case involved a 93-year old man who was admitted to the defendant-facility in October of 2008. As with any admission the staff members analyzed the resident for his unique risks. Because of his vulnerabilities and mobility problems, he was noted for being a high-risk for developing pressure sores. When a resident is a high-risk for these ulcers, it is important that staff members make specific alterations to their care so that the sores do not develop. This involves proper repositioning, nutrition, and other care. In addition, the staff planned to use “pressure relieving” devices to help.

Unfortunately, the resident in this case did not receive care needed to prevent those sores. Among other care lapses, they failed to provide him with a pressure relieving mattresses as needed. All of this led to the development of many different sores. Those ulcers became infected and the resident eventually needed “debridement” surgery. Even with the operation, the man’s condition never fully improved following the infection. In April of 2009, only half a year after first entering the facility, the resident died as a result of the infection.

The man’s family contacting our legal team, and we filed suit on their behalf. After collecting information about what happened, we were able to reach a settlement with the facility for $500,000. The defendant-facility agreed to pay the insurance policy limit.

Don’t Allow Poor Care To Go Without Accountability
It is easy to decide against pursuing a facility for poor care provided by a nursing home. Especially in the grief of losing a loved one, many families are tempted to ignore clear signs that their family member did not receive the care to which they were entitled. However, it is important not to forget that the accountability function serves to encourage changes at the facility which may save another resident down the road.

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