Levin & Perconti Settles Case Against Avenue Care Center for $400,000

When our Illinois nursing home neglect attorneys take on a case we always remain committed to pursuing the matter in every way possible to ensure justice and fairness for our clients. The legal system provides many avenues for those injured by the wrongdoing of others to seek accountability. Quite often when a victim visits our office and shares their story we file an Illinois nursing home neglect lawsuit to begin the legal process and state the allegations against the involved facility.

Contrary to what some may believe, once a lawsuit is filed it is not necessarily a guarantee that the suit will progress to trial. In fact, many more cases never end up with an official trial in front of a judge and jury. Instead, our attorneys are constantly working on behalf of the client in negotiations with the other side, sharing the evidence that reveals the mistreatment and seeking a fair settlement to avoid the time, expense, and heartache of trial. No matter will ever be settled if the client does not approve of the terms. In the vast majority of cases it is best for both our clients and the defendant-nursing home to reach an agreement on the matter without the need to go to trial.

For example, late last month our nursing home lawyers resolved a case for a client without the need to go to trial. The case was filed against the Avenue Care Facility on behalf of a 50-year old man who resided at the home. While living at the facility the man required blood glucose monitoring and was in need of insulin. One afternoon the resident’s blood glucose level dropped. Unfortunately, the staff members at the nursing home failed to inform the man’s physician of this change in his condition condition. As a result, it went untreated.

The following morning the victim’s glucose level was down to 50. As is often the case when the blood glucose level drops that low, the man was rendered unconscious. He was found unresponsive at the nursing home and was rushed to a local hospital with hypoglycemia. Unfortunately, as a result of the hypoglycemia, the man suffered brain damage and eventually died.

Upon learning about the man’s passing, his family eventually visited our office and shared their story. As often happens in these situations, our attorneys began investigating the matter and collecting evidence which explained the care that the man received and the care to which he was entitled. Illinois nursing home law requires that the facility provide a basic quality of treatment to ensure that residents are not harmed in ways that could be prevented. In this case the facility should have properly monitored the man’s blood sugar levels to prevent the problem and was obligated to contact the victim’s physician upon notice of his low level. If these basic actions would have been followed the man would have been given the medication he needed to control his blood sugar level and his life may have been saved.

Unfortunately, lapses in care like this one strike with alarming frequency in our area. As a result, vulnerable nursing home residents suffer severe injury and death that could have been prevented. If you or someone you know may have been harmed in this way, please contact our Chicago nursing home attorneys and see if we can help provide accountability.

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