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Levin & Perconti Represent Estate of Man Who Died After Nursing Home Neglect

When we choose a nursing home for our aging loved ones we trust that the facility will provide proper care. Sadly, this is not always the case. Levin & Perconti is representing the administrator of the estate of a woman who died due to alleged nursing home neglect. The woman was a resident of Belhaven Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC from October 2010 through July 2015. The woman suffered a fall and developed pressure ulcers that led to her death. A wrongful death lawsuit was filed in Cook County and is requesting damages of more than $50,000.

Falls and the Elderly

Falls are the number one cause of serious injury in the elderly. Falls can occur for a number of different reasons. An older person may take medication that makes walking more difficult. The elderly are often less agile and are not able to watch for things that could be in their way. Very often, older people require assistance in getting around, especially when getting up from a chair or bed. Falls can cause very serious injuries to older individuals.

Injuries Caused by Falling

When younger people fall they often don’t have any injuries or their injuries are minor. However, when an older person falls down they are often injured much more severely. In addition to bumps, bruises, and scrapes, an elderly person is likely to suffer a fracture. A fractured hip is one of the most common injuries caused by falling in the elderly. Broken arms or legs are also frequent medical issues after a fall. When older people fall, they could suffer complications. Falls should be prevented by providing adequate supervision and assistance.


Unfortunately, complications often arise after an elderly person falls. After a fall they may need to have surgery or may be immobile due to a broken bone. Immobility is responsible for various medical problems in older people. One of the most common problems is the occurrence of pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores. Bedsores are almost always a sign of nursing home neglect. Caregivers must be careful to reposition a bedridden person to avoid the formation of bedsores. Once a bedsore occurs it can easily worsen if not properly treated.

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect is a serious concern for many elderly people living in these types of facilities. As in this case, the woman fell at the nursing home, which caused injuries that ultimately led to her death. She suffered from bedsores, most likely as a result of improper treatment while she was recuperating from injuries sustained in the fall. According to the lawsuit, the nursing home failed to provide adequate supervision and did not seek a complete medical evaluation following her fall. While nothing can change the outcome of the situation, the family should be entitled to monetary compensation to cover the medical bills and other damages caused by the negligence of the nursing home. If your loved one was hurt because of nursing home neglect, contact Levin & Perconti to schedule a consultation.

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