Levin & Perconti Reach Settlement on Behalf of Resident Against Glenwood Healthcare and Rehab

Each Chicago nursing home neglect lawyer at our firm is proud to represent local victims of Illinois elder abuse. With each new case that results in accountability on behalf of the negligent nursing home, we believe that the lives of residents in that home are made a bit safer. Not only that, but victims are also given a sense of closure and provided redress for their loss.

Those who are familiar with how basic civil injury cases work likely understand that more cases than not settle before needing to go all the way to trial. Amicable settlements are common because they offer an efficient way of fairly resolving these disputes. For example, a settlement report was recently issued in a case that we handled last year. The legal action stemmed from the death of a man who was a resident at Glenwood Healthcare and Rehab.

The man entered the facility weighing 225 pounds and without any skin ulcers. However, it was noted upon his admission that he was at risk for developing the bed sores because of his inability to reposition himself on his own. The man had many mobility problems. Not only could he not properly move while in bed, but he also required staff assistance with basic tasks like feeding himself. Of course, as is often the case, these unique challenges were exactly the reason why he entered the facility in the first place-to receive the close day-to-day care he needed. Unfortunately, he did not receive the care to which he was entitled.

Over the course of the few months that the man was at Glenwood, he was malnourished and began to lose weight. In addition, the man was not properly repositioned. The lack of repositioning and improper nutrition are two of the most common causes of pressure sore development. Only a month and a half after his arrival at the home, the man had developed a pressure sore on his coccyx. A few days later similar sores had developed on his elbow, ankle, forearm, and leg. A month and a half after that he had to be transported to a hospital because he was suffering from high fever, low pulse, and respirations. After a few more weeks of complications he passed away from his injuries.

A subsequent investigation into the situation by the Illinois Department of Public Health found that the facility had been negligent in the man’s care for failing to prevent the pressure sores. The man’s family contacted our Illinois nursing home neglect lawyers, and we pursued a civil action against the facility to ensure that they were held accountable for their conduct. Last year that case was settled for $500,000.

Settlements in these cases are actually signs that the legal system is working as it should. At the end of the day, the filing of a suit is about resolving a dispute and ensuring that injured parties are fairly compensated for their losses. In all cases, including those of nursing home abuse and neglect, the object is to reach those goals in as efficient a manner as possible. Settlements are often the most efficient way, because they allow for accountability and redress between the parties based on their own evaluation of the situation in a less time-consuming fashion.

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