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Levin & Perconti Lawsuit Filed against Nursing Home in Resident’s Death

Nursing homes are required to provide safe care to our elderly loved ones. Instead, sometimes the proper care is not given, and a resident is injured or dies as a result. A recent lawsuit was filed against an Orland Park nursing home alleging negligence in the death of a resident. The daughter is suing Lexington Health Care Center of Orland Park, Inc. and is represented by Levin & Perconti.

Fall Caused Injuries

Falls occur very frequently in nursing homes. In fact, a recent report indicates that an average-sized nursing home with 200 beds reports about 100 falls every year. Actually, the number of elderly people who fall in nursing homes could be higher than that, because many times, neglectful actions are not reported. In this case, the woman was found lying on the floor of her room after she had suffered a fall. The lawsuit indicates that she was not properly supervised at the time.

Learning the Condition of Residents

Nursing homes must take the necessary steps to learn the medical and other issues that a patient may have as they enter their facility. The woman in this instance was admitted to the facility just 5 days prior to her fall. According to the lawsuit, the nursing home did not provide proper accommodations, proper care, or supervision, even though they were apprised of her condition when she entered into their care. Facilities must follow the strict rules provided as part of the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act.

Injuries from Fall Led to Death

People fall all the time, usually with no serious harm. However, for the elderly, falls can be quite serious. Older people are often less able to catch themselves as they fall, and can hit the ground with great force. Because of weakened bones, the elderly often suffer broken bones and fractures because of taking a hard fall. Sometimes serious head injuries happen when the person’s head hits the floor or hits into a piece of furniture. This can cause brain trauma, and could result in death. The woman in this case suffered injuries that contributed to her untimely death less than three months later.

Negligent Care

Nursing homes must provide adequate care to residents. When improper care is provided and a patient is injured, the nursing home could be responsible for negligent care. Negligence means that the nursing home staff knew that a condition could be dangerous and could cause serious injuries yet did not do anything to resolve the problem. In this instance, the staff knew that the woman required supervision when walking or performing daily activities. They did not provide supervision, and therefore, are negligent.

Nursing Home Neglect

When a nursing home fails to adequately care for a patient and the patient is seriously hurt, the facility is responsible for any damages. Victims and their families may be entitled to collect money to cover their medical expenses, as well as money for pain and suffering and other damages. If your loved one was the victim of neglect in a nursing home, contact the experienced legal team at Levin& Perconti to get you the compensation you deserve.

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