Levin & Perconti Lawsuit Alleges Nursing Home Negligence Led to Death

Nursing homes are required to provide proper care for all residents in their care. This is not just common sense – it is the law. The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act provides guidelines that nursing homes and care facilities must follow when providing care to their residents. From time to time, however, a facility does not provide the level of care that is necessary and the result can be devastating. Levin & Perconti is representing the estate administrator of a nursing home resident who died as a result of alleged negligence. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County and is seeking damages of more than $50,000.

Failure to Prevent Infection

The nursing home resident in this case had a sternal wound which became severely infected. A sternal wound is the closure in the sternum left after open heart surgery. According to the NCBI, National Center for Biotechnology Information, up to 40% of patients who have this type of infection die. Because this type of infection is difficult to treat and can be fatal, patients must receive specialized care to ensure that the wound is kept clean and sterile. The caregivers in this situation apparently did not properly care for the wound and allowed it to become infected.

Improper Wound Management

When a resident of a nursing home has special needs such as in this situation, the facility must provide the required care. According to the lawsuit, the nursing home, Manor Care Health Services Palos Hills East, was negligent by failing to provide proper care for the wound. As a result, an infection occurred and the woman ultimately died because of it. The resident suffered with the infection for months, between April 2014 and the date of the woman’s death, November 2, 2014.

Nursing Home Negligence

Unfortunately, nursing home negligence is much more common than most people think. Nursing homes are often understaffed and they have a high turnover rate for caregivers, who are sometimes underpaid. Additionally, the staff may not be properly trained to provide the level of care needed for all the residents. As in this case, patients sometimes require a great deal of medical supervision to ensure recovery from a medical procedure or surgery. The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act is in place to give providers and residents with a high standard of care. When a facility fails to properly care for a patient they may be negligent.

Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit
When a nursing home causes injury or death because of their negligence, the victim or family may be entitled to repayment. It is important to seek justice to receive the money necessary to pay for the expensive medical bills that have likely accumulated. A lawsuit may also provide you with money for pain and suffering as well as for loss of enjoyment of life among other things. While there is nothing you can do change what happened, you can try to make sure that the same problem does not happen to someone else in the future. If you or a loved one were hurt because of nursing home neglect, call Levin & Perconti to discuss your case.

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