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Levin & Perconti File Wrongful Death Lawsuit against Negligent Nursing Home

Nursing home facilities are supposed to be safe for residents – in fact, it’s the law. The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act is legislation that regulates how nursing homes provide care. The law is designed to ensure that the elderly are protected and treated fairly while they reside in a care facility. Sometimes, however, a nursing home fails to provide proper care and may actually be negligent. A lawsuit was recently filed by Levin & Perconti on behalf of a woman whose mother was allegedly the victim of nursing home neglect. The mother was a resident at Berkeley Nursing and Rehab Center while recuperating from a leg fracture. During her stay of about a month, the elderly mother was found to be suffering from a range of severe medical problems that were caused by neglect in the nursing home.

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing homes are required to provide the necessary assistance that each patient needs. In this instance it became evident that the nursing home staff had not properly attended to the woman. Staff found her bloody in her bed. She was later found to be suffering from several serious medical conditions including rectal hemorrhage as well as low blood pressure, anemia, dehydration, hypovolemia, and an irregular heartbeat. These problems occurred only after she was living in the facility. Care workers must be aware of a resident’s condition at all times and if a problem is noticed it needs to be medically treated as soon as possible. In this case the woman most likely was left unsupervised for an extended period of time. The many medical issues point to nursing home neglect.

Problems Require Medical Attention

While some minor issues can be dealt with by nursing home personnel, any medical issues require prompt professional attention. Older individuals may be prone to illnesses and problems that can become difficult to treat. For these reasons it is necessary for a nursing home resident to see a doctor as soon as possible. Sometimes medical issues can develop quickly and escalate if left untreated. Nursing home staff should be trained to look for potential problems and report them immediately. Some facilities may be understaffed, causing a lack of care that is expected. Doctors may visit patients in the nursing home to determine the type of treatment necessary. In some cases the resident may be transported to the hospital when advanced management is required.

Negligent Nursing Home Lawsuit

When the care provided does not meet the standard of care required it may be necessary to seek legal assistance. In this case, the woman’s injuries contributed to her death. The woman’s daughter filed a lawsuit after her death. While nothing can bring a loved one back, litigation may be necessary to recover damages caused by the negligent actions. For example, damages may include such things medical expenses, money for pain and suffering, and legal fees. If your loved one suffered severe injuries or died as a result of nursing home neglect contact Levin & Perconti to discuss your case today.

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