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Levin & Perconti File Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit 1

A nursing home should be a trusted place that provides high quality care for our loved ones in their golden years. Sadly, that is not always the case. Sometimes a nursing home is negligent and can cause serious injuries or even death to our relative. A recent lawsuit was filed in Cook County by Levin & Perconti on behalf of a man’s daughter. The man was a resident of Smith Village and Smith Senior Living when the improper medication injection was administered. The man was admitted to Christ Hospital with complications and later died. The man’s daughter is seeking damages of more than $50,000 due to neglect and wrongful death.

Medication Errors

Medication errors are among the most common reasons for serious injury or death in the United States. Medication mistakes include such things as pharmacy errors, prescription mistakes, and administration inaccuracies. When a medication mistake occurs it may have a serious medical impact on the patient. In this case, the man was given an improper injection of Lovenox. According to the lawsuit, the medication mistake caused internal bleeding of the abdominal wall and the man went into hypovolemic shock.

Hypovolemic Shock

Hypovolemic shock is caused by severe blood loss. The body’s organs cannot function without enough blood, particularly the heart. When this situation occurs it is a serious medical emergency. Immediate treatment is critical to survival. Additionally, the outcome for patients to make a full recovery is low, particularly in the elderly. In this case, the medication Lovenox made it more difficult to stop the internal bleeding. Lovenox is typically prescribed for patients with deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and is a blood anticoagulant.

Nursing Home Neglect

Medication administration errors are just one of the many problems that occur in nursing homes. Falls, broken bones, and bedsores are some of the most common signs of neglect in a nursing facility. Nursing homes are required by law to provide a safe environment for people. This lawsuit alleges that the nursing staff was negligent in their care by administering an improper medication injection. The medication caused complications that led to the man’s death. The lawsuit specifically names two nurses as well as two nursing homes.

Neglect Lawsuits

When a nursing home is negligent they are responsible for the injuries or for the death that occurs as a result of the negligent actions. Victims or their relatives are entitled to collect damages. Damages include anything that was caused by the negligent act. In this case, the man required extensive medical treatments and hospitalization. He also endured pain and therefore the family may be able to collect money for pain and suffering as well as for loss of life. Nursing home neglect or abuse lawsuits are resolved through negotiations with the insurance company as well as through litigation in court. Some cases are settled before they get to trial.

If your loved one was seriously injured or has died as a result of a nursing home mistake, contact the experienced legal team at Levin & Perconti for a consultation to discuss your case.

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