Levin & Perconti File New Nursing Home Lawsuit Against Lakeview Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

All Illinois nursing home neglect lawsuits begin the same way-with the filing of a complaint with the local court system. The complaint sets forth basic information about the situation and explains each of the allegations that the victim asserts against the defendants. The named defendant in these lawsuits is usually the company that owns the nursing facility and occasionally the individual employees at that facility that provide appropriate care. Plaintiffs in these complaints are the specific individual hurt by the abuse, guardians acting on their behalf, or the “estate” of the victim if that person has passed away since the abuse.

Recently our Illinois nursing home lawyers initiated another suit by filing a complaint on behalf one local nursing home victim. The disabled resident lived at the Lakeview Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Chicago for nearly two years. The complaint alleges that facility violated the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act by mistreating the victim while she was living at the home.

Specifically, the woman’s condition was such that she needed special care to ensure that she did not develop pressure sores or other dangerous skin conditions. Lakeview was well aware of the risks associate with pressure sores and knew that close care was required to prevent the development of the skin ulcers. Notwithstanding the clear need to provide necessary care to prevent these sores, the victim developed a series of pressure sores on her sacrum, buttocks, and heels. Going untreated, those sores worsened over time and became infected. Upon leaving the facility and being brought to a local hospital, the woman was diagnosis with multiple pressure ulcers, infections, and osteomyelitis (an acute or chronic bone infection).

The facility’s failure to provide the vulnerable nursing home resident with sufficient care to prevent the development of these sores is a clear violation of the requirements incumbent upon the facility per the Nursing Home Care Act. The recently filed complaint explains the myriad of ways in which the facility was negligent in its duty. Lakeview failed to oversee the assessment of the victim’s needs, including accounting for her risk of skin breakdown, dehydration, and malnutrition. In addition, once the sores did develop, the nursing home did not develop or implement a plan to promote their healing. That plan should have included basic steps like proper reposition and turning of the victim and the utilization of adequate pressure relief devices. Had the Lakeview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center abided by its requirements to provide sufficient care, the resident would not have developed the medical complications.

Our Chicago nursing home neglect attorneys at Levin & Perconti are proud to act as zealous advocates for the clients who visit our office and seek accountability for the nursing home mistreatment experienced by themselves or their loved one. We understand that it is often only with the assistance of those experience in these matters that the truth about poor nursing home care can actually be uncovered. To help in these matters it is important for an Illinois elder abuse law firm to commit the necessary resources to discover the truth and collect evidence to show the mistreatment.

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