Levin & Perconti Attorneys File Suit Against Joliet’s Hillcrest Nursing & Rehab

Our legal team is proud to represent nursing home residents and their families whenever negligent care by a facility causes preventable harm. There is simply no excuse for violating basic safety standards and allowing our vulnerable seniors and those with disabilities to suffer the consequences.

Recently our neglect attorneys filed suit against Hillcrest Nursing and Rehabilitation in Joliet on behalf of the family of a 49-year old former resident of the home, John Eric Rush. Mr. Rush suffered serious injury as a result of poor care and negligence by facility caregivers. Specifically, three lawyers from Levin & Perconti, Steven M. Levin, Jaime A. Koziol and Greta M. Hafeman, are representing the family in the suit filed in Cook County Circuit Court.

The Case
Mr. Rush needed long-term care because of several medical setbacks, including multiple strokes that resulted in paralysis on his right side. His impairments were severe, making it difficult for him to walk on his own or speak. His mobility problems placed him at heightened risk of developing bed sores, something that the caregivers knew about and were required to protect against.

Unfortunately, in a series of events that is all too familiar for those who follow neglect cases, the caregivers did not provide the close support that John needed. As a result, he developed several bed sores and was severely dehydrated. One of those pressure sores developed on his heel. The sore deteriorated his skin to such a point following infection that it had to be amputated. Sadly, the amputation was on his left side. His right side was already paralyzed as a result of the strokes, and so the loss severely affected his already significant mobility issues. Recognizing the poor care and injury caused by the home, John’s family moved him to a different location following the amputation.

John’s sad case is a testament to the fact that instead of providing proper care to maximize one’s quality of life, some long-term care facilities only watch as a resident’s condition is made worse by poor care.

In explaining their pursuit of legal accountability John’s sisted noted, “When John arrived at the facility he was able to walk with a walker and supervision. When I removed him from their care, he had to have a leg amputation and was deathly ill. I wasn’t sure if he would survive. If my actions against Hillcrest can save at least one patient and their family the worry, horror, frustration and pain that we encountered, then it is all worth it.”

Legal Accountability
It is essential for these nursing homes to be held accountable when they cause harm in this way. Sadly, many homes continue to harm resident after resident unless forced to change or close. This facility has shown those tendencies. Attorney Steve Levin explains, “Our firm currently has another lawsuit pending against Hillcrest. We will continue to take action to protect the safety and well-being of current and future Hillcrest residents and hope to send a message that inadequate care and abuse will not be tolerated. We urge anyone who has witnessed abuse or neglect at Hillcrest to come forward and tell.”

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