Levin & Perconti Represent Family in Nursing Home Choking Death

Nursing home residents should be safe and protected while living in the facility. Sometimes, however, adequate care is not provided and an injury occurs. In some instances, the neglect causes the death of a resident. Levin & Perconti represent the family of a woman who died as a result of nursing home neglect. A lawsuit was filed in Cook County against Waterfront Terrace Inc. and Dynamic Healthcare Consultants alleging negligence caused the choking death of the woman.

Failure to Supervise

The most common complaint regarding nursing home care is their failure to provide adequate supervision to residents. Every resident is different and requires a unique amount of monitoring. However, the nursing home is required by law to provide the type of care that is necessary for each particular patient. Too few staff members can make it difficult or impossible for staff members to supervise patients as they should.

Monitoring During Meals

A number of things can go wrong when nursing home residents eat their meals. Inadequate nutritional intake is a serious concern when patients do not eat as they should. Dehydration can occur when the residents do not get an adequate liquid intake during the day or at meals. Choking is a very common problem among elderly nursing home residents. Choking can occur when the patient has difficulty swallowing. They may also have problems feeding themselves, which can lead to them eating larger sized pieces of food than they should.

Prevention of Choking

Choking can and should be prevented in nursing homes. Residents may need someone to cut their food and feed it to them. They may need to take some extra time in chewing and eating their meals. If the resident has dental problems they may need a special diet that is made up of soft foods. The resident needs to take small bites so that they can swallow completely. Patients can aspirate their food if they are not properly supervised. The caregivers need to give the resident their undivided attention and support without rushing them.

Medical Care Must Be Provided

Choking deaths can be prevented, especially if medical care is rendered quickly. The patient will require emergency treatment and they may survive the incident. Unfortunately, not all choking patients recover. In this case, the woman died after choking on her meal. The nursing home is responsible for the woman’s death because they failed to provide proper care or supervision. The nursing home should have known that the woman was at risk for choking and should have taken steps to provide supervision at all times while she was eating or drinking.

The woman’s family is certainly devastated by her untimely death. The legal team at Levin & Perconti is extremely experienced in resolving cases such as this one. Victims and their families deserve compensation due to the neglectful care that was provided. If your loved one suffered injuries or died because of neglect in a nursing home, call Levin & Perconti to discuss your case.

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