Levin & Perconti Represent Family of Man Who Died Due to Nursing Home Neglect

The family of a man who died due to nursing home neglect has filed a lawsuit against the facility. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County naming Ballard Nursing Center by Levin & Perconti on behalf of the man’s estate administrator. The man was a resident of the nursing home in 2014 and 2015 when he suffered severe injuries because of improper care. The man developed pressure sores which worsened and contributed to his death.

Pressure Sores

Pressure sore are painful red skin irritations that develop on areas of the body that come into continual contact with bedding or other items. Sores begin as minor irritations but can quickly deepen and become infected if they go untreated. The development of pressure sores is almost always a sign of nursing home neglect. Patients who are unable to move on their own require regular repositioning. This must be done by nursing home staff on a regular basis, at least every few hours.

Pressure Sore Treatment Plan

As soon as a pressure sore develops it needs to be examined by a doctor and treated. Nursing home staff must be trained to recognize the various stages of pressure sores and seek medical care when they notice that one has begun to develop. Quick action can sometimes help to keep the sore from worsening and others from starting. A treatment plan should be put into place by a doctor that specifies exactly how to handle medical care for sores.

High Risk Patients

Those at high risk for the development of pressure sores must be treated with care to ensure that these ulcers do not form. In this case, the nursing staff did not provide proper supervision or care to the woman by allowing the pressure sores to develop and to worsen. Patients at a high risk for bedsores are those that are immobile or have difficulty moving on their own. This may be due to recent surgery or simply because of their current health situation.

Prevention of Pressure Sores

Pressure sores are a very common occurrence in nursing home patients.  If they are noticed immediately as they form there is a high success rate for treatment. However, many times the staff does not monitor the patient closely enough and does not notice that red marks are starting. All too often, pressure sores are not discovered until they have already broken the skin and an infection has begun. At this point, treatment is very difficult and the patient may have trouble fighting off the serious infection that may ensue. Infections can then travel through the body and damage the organs. In this instance, the woman’s pressure ulcers were not adequately monitored and thus allowed to worsen. The pressure ulcers contributed to her health decline and death.

Levin & Perconti is a leading Chicago law firm specializing in nursing home neglect cases. If your loved one suffered nursing home neglect contact Levin & Perconti today for a consultation.

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