Levin & Perconti Files Two Pressure Sore Cases Against Chicago Hospital and Nursing Home

In just one week, Levin & Perconti filed two separate lawsuits in Cook County Circuit Court against facilities on behalf of clients who allege each facility is responsible for failing to prevent and properly treat pressure sores. Pressure sores, also known as bed sores or decubitus ulcers, are wounds that develop on the skin and the underlying tissue from spending long periods of time bearing weight on the skin. Bony parts of the body are more likely to be affected because the skin and tissue in these areas is less dense.  Constantly sitting or lying down in the same position puts patients at risk for developing a pressure sore, a risk factor that requires vigilant medical staff who follow preventative measures that include frequent position changes of patients, as well as good nutrition and good hygiene. Pressure sores can quickly become serious as the infection spreads to the underlying tissue, muscle and bone.

According to Mayoclinic.org, risk factors for pressure sores include:

  • Inability to move independently
  • Sensory Issues – Neurological issues can result in an inability to identify pain or sensitivity in the body, preventing patients from knowing when to rotate positions.
  • Poor nutrition or dehydration – Adequate nutrition and fluids keep the skin healthy and help to prevent pressure sores.
  • Medical conditions that restrict the flow of blood – Conditions that restrict blood flow to the tissues contribute to the development of pressure sores.

These infections can quickly compromise the health and threaten the lives of those with weakened immune systems, such as the elderly.

Chicago Nursing Home & Hospital Both Sued For Alleged Role in Pressure Sore Cases
Levin & Perconti is a Chicago, Illinois-based personal injury law firm with a focus on justice for victims of medical malpractice, nursing home abuse and neglect, accidents, and other incidents that cause serious injury or death. We work on behalf of clients all over the state to fight against individuals and corporations that cause harm to innocent victims. Of the over half a billion dollars recovered for our clients, millions have been awarded to our clients to compensate them for the negligence that allowed them to suffer needlessly and even die from pressure sores.

In a less than one week span, our attorneys have filed two pressure sore-related lawsuits in Cook County Circuit Court:

  1. On September 27, Partner/Attorney Michael F. Bonamarte & Associate Attorney Jaime A. Koziol filed a lawsuit against Warren Barr Living & Rehab Center (Gold Coast) and Rush University Medical Center on behalf of Shuwanda Holmes, as independent executor of the estate of Doris Hill.The lawsuit states that Ms. Hill was a resident at Warren Barr Gold Coast when between Dec. 17, 2016 to Jan. 23, 2017 she allegedly developed multiple pressure sores. Ms. Hill died April 1, 2017. The suit alleges that Warren Barr is responsible for Ms. Hill’s death by failing to turn and reposition her to prevent the development of pressure sores. It also alleges that Warren Barr failed to provide the necessary care and services required to prevent a decline in Ms. Hill’s ability to perform daily activities.
  2. On October 1st, Partner/Attorney Michael F. Bonamarte filed a lawsuit against Roseland Community Hospital, Rush University Medical Center and Dr. Ahmed Shafi on behalf of Jacklan Hudson-Shempert, an independent administrator of the estate of Mae Hudson. The lawsuit alleges that Mae Hudson was a patient at Roseland Community Hospital between December 4 – December 27, 2011 when she developed multiple pressure sores that became infected and required surgical intervention that played a part in her death.In November 2017, our blog shared the results of the Leapfrog Group’s annual Hospital Safety Grade Report and Roseland Community Hospital was the only Chicago-area hospital to receive an “F” patient safety rating. To read that post, please click here.


If someone you love has suffered from pressure sores that you believe are the result of improper care at a nursing home, rehabilitation facility, hospital, or other health care facility, let our bed sore attorneys review your case for FREE and determine if you have reason to pursue a lawsuit. Our services are free unless we recover money for you.

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