Lawsuit Filed Against KY Rehab Center Alleges Preventable Pressure Ulcers Caused Death

The family of a man who died from sepsis and respiratory failure is suing Madison Health & Rehabilitation Center in Richmond, Kentucky for failing to correct and prevent pressure ulcers that led to his death.

Donald Shelton was admitted to Madison Health & Rehab with a foot wound and a pressure ulcer on his buttock and was expected to receive care to heal his injuries. Instead, the facility did not bathe Mr. Shelton in the 8 days he was a resident and failed to put together a care plan that outlined a course of treatment. In a span of just over a week, Mr. Shelton developed two additional bedsores and tissue death in his genital area that resulted in necrosis. As a result of the existing sores and newly developed ulcers, Mr. Shelton’s body and organs were overwhelmed by a serious infection known as sepsis. He died exactly 8 days after being admitted to Madison Health & Rehabilitation.

Pressure Ulcers – A Preventable Injury and Death
Despite being admitted to Madison Health & Rehab with 2 existing wounds, a detailed care plan and diligent nursing care could have healed and helped prevent the pressure ulcers from which Mr. Shelton suffered. Patients of any age who face long hours in bed are susceptible to these wounds and it is considered standard that staff in a nursing facility would reposition patients at intervals to prevent and treat these horrific, repairable and preventable injuries. Despite repositioning and basic hygiene being the standard of care, nursing homes and care facilities are frequently found to be in violation of these basic principles. If you or a loved one has experienced a pressure ulcer while residing in a nursing home or care facility, we encourage you to contact our Chicago nursing home attorneys for a free consultation.

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