Infected Tube Leads to Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit

The term “nursing home” is often used colloquially to refer to all living spaces where seniors normally stay. But our Chicago nursing home abuse attorneys realize that this is misleading–there is actually a range of long-term care facilities. Some homes provide more aid than others and each provides various levels of freedom for the senior residents. In most cases, when talking about a nursing home, one is referring to “skilled nursing facilities” (SNFs). These are spaces that provide the most “in-depth” medical care, above and beyond simply helping with chores, grooming, and similar tasks.

SNFs are filled with nurses, certified nursing assistants and others who are trained to provide skilled care when necessary to ensure the well-being of residents. Expectedly, some cases of nursing home neglect in these locations involve problems with the medical care provided. Sometimes the appropriate medical care is simply not provided and at any times it is done incorrectly. This is distinct from other forms an negligence which are related to basic safety lapses–like wandering and elopement.

For example, ABQJournal North reported this week on a new nursing home neglect lawsuit stemming from inadequate medical care provided to a resident at one of these skilled nursing facilities. In particular, the lawsuit alleges that a resident suffered a serious infection as a result of a mistake made with a feeding tube. The tube was allegedly placed incorrectly, caused liquid formula to fill the resident’s abdominal cavity. It goes without saying that even small problems can cause serious injury or harm to residents at SNFs, because they are already have health problems. They wouldn’t be in the facility otherwise.

The suit in this case was filed by the resident’s adult daughter. In the suit, the daughter notes that her now-58 year old mother was admitted to the defendant-facility in May of 2010. At the time she was in the advanced stages of multiple sclerosis. She went to the nursing home directly from the hospital where she had received treatment for a brain injury.

The resident was not in her right state of mind when first admitted to the SNF. The complaint in the case notes that, while she was confused and hallucinating, the woman accidentally pulled out a gastric feeding tube that inserted into her abdomen directly. Staff members at the facility tried to reinsert the tube–but they did so incorrectly. Instead of putting it back into the woman’s stomach, it was short. This led to the nutritional formula seeping throughout the abdominal cavity.

Perhaps as a sign of the cut corners at this establishment, nothing about the incident was noted in the resident’s chart as required. Our Chicago nursing home abuse attorneys know from experience that nursing home resident charts are often poorly kept. Charting is done haphazardly and sometimes even intentionally wrong.

In this case, the woman was obvious suffering the following day. Her temperature rose and her abdomen was firm. She was transported to a local hospital where she needed a surgical procedure performed and treatment for infection. The resident was forced to spend five day in the hospital to recover from the injury.

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