Inadequate Supervision in Nursing Home Led to Resident’s Death

Nursing homes are supposed to provide proper care and supervision to residents. In many cases, families choose to place their loved ones in nursing facilities because they feel that they will receive the type of monitoring and support they require. Nursing homes are not always as safe or supportive as we may hope. In one recent case, a woman died after suffering serious injuries which were allegedly not properly treated. The medical condition worsened and led to her death. The woman’s family filed a lawsuit seeking damages for her death due to negligence.

Supervision Must Be Provided

Nursing home residents are usually elderly and often have various medical problems and limitations. Nursing homes are required to provide their residents with the care and supervision necessary to keep them safe. Neglectful care occurs when staff members fail to assist residents with their needs. Nursing homes are legally required to provide adequate care according to the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act.

Illinois Nursing Home Care Act

The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act is legislation that is designed to guide nursing homes and residents. Nursing homes must not accept any patients if they cannot provide adequate care. Once a patient is accepted to a nursing home the facility is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of the resident. Care must be provided based on the needs of each resident. The needs of the residents may change over time. Nursing staff must be properly trained to monitor residents for their health needs.

Neglectful Care Given

In this case, the nursing home allegedly provided neglectful care to the woman, which led to serious illness and death. The woman developed decubitus ulcers, also known as pressure ulcers or bedsores. The sores are painful and when left untreated they can worsen and become infected. In addition to ulcers, the woman also reportedly suffered from dehydration. Lack of proper fluid intake can cause a serious and life-threatening medical condition.

Problems with Nursing Home Staff

There may be a number of reasons why neglect occurs in nursing homes. The facility may not have enough caregivers or the staff members may be inadequately trained. Regardless of the reasons, the staff should be available to assist residents with all of their daily needs. For example, some residents require assistance with eating and drinking. When they are not properly monitored or help is not provided, the patient could suffer from malnutrition or as in this instance, dehydration. Care must be taken to make certain that residents are getting the fluids and nutrition they need.

What to Do About Nursing Home Neglect

Relatives of nursing home residents should be aware of the signs and risks of nursing home neglect. If noticed quickly, proper medical treatment can be rendered and the patient may recover. Unfortunately, in this case the woman died as a result of the suspected neglect. In cases such as this one it may be necessary to take legal action to get the compensation and justice that your family deserves. Call Levin & Perconti to discuss your situation today.

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